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  1. Indoctrinating children

    Traverser had its maiden run today with the kid. He seems really fond of the 583 Series :)
  2. Yeah, saw it last week in the shed at the station... A sad moment once again.
  3. Eizan Elipse

    *lays twitching and foaming on the floor with pain in artistic heart*
  4. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I'm totally not eyeballing a MicroAce 455 Series for a while now...
  5. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Sometimes you come across these weird auctions that are just perfect. I wanted to get a 583 Series, but didn't want to shell out for a Tomix HG set, so a Kato set was my target. I wanted an N1/N2 formation, but that'd require the combining of an older base set and two extra cars, or having one more recent set with a spare car. However, this particular project passed the revue which was won for practically peanuts: Added custom logos, car numbers and contemporary headmarks ('School Express', 'Rapid', 'Group' and 'Special'), tight couplers, etc. This 6-car set was made in just the right Akita based N1/N2 formation! Of course, detailing is not on par with a Tomix HG, but for the price, I'm not complaining :) As far as classic Tōhoku JNR/JR Ltd. Express rolling stock goes, I'm quite satisfied... For now...
  6. Tomix - New Releases

    The collection 26... I'm just thinking of getting a whole damn box instead of hunting down individual ones. There are at least three sets in there that tickle my interest. Also, Nissan sets ey. Maybe one set needs to be bought.
  7. What did you do on your layout today?

    Next step in the grand scheme of things: make a module to match the traverser. It's going to be simple. 15x100 with a raised trackbed through rice paddies. and girder bridge (to be bought) over a road. Not too difficult and plenty of space for details. MaybeI'll chose wooden ties over concrete to make any era setting possible.
  8. Indoctrinating children

    We particularly avoided touristy spots and enjoyed getting off at stations my son fancied. Had a long walk along the beach and the line and basically saw more living areas than tourist traps. Also, video from a crossing near Inamuragasaki sta.
  9. Indoctrinating children

    No victory pose, but rather as punishment a private trip with papa to Enoshima to ride the Enoden. And walk along the beach, the line and... Basically a real papa day.
  10. I dunno. Having visited a pottery market or two, the prices have never withhold me from buying any. The space in our kitchen cabinet however... That said, art has its price. Mass production is a different question. I do have two upcoming MA trains on my to-buy-list, which I will most probably buy.
  11. Indoctrinating children

    Today we were leafing through some RM Models magazines when my son noticed some trains in there have the same coupler types as his beloved Odakyu trains. My wife looked at me with fear in her eyes as I was doing a victory pose. Things are proceeding as planned.
  12. What did you do on your layout today?

    At some point I'll add gangways to these sets, as well as interior lights and all. I want to upgrade them to the max. For the couplers, check these links for more info: http://blog.miyakomokei.com/?p=12904 and https://nanyochuto.jimdo.com/車両パーツ連結器等-parts/
  13. What did you do on your layout today?

    I bought a set of drawbar Shinkyo couplers from Mr. Sato (Nanyo Bussan) last Saturday for my Tobu 6050s. Tge car distance compared with Tomix TN couplers has been increased with 2mm, but looks much more realistic, as these cars are in fact connected by drawbars. http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/rein_rein/imgs/2/b/2b93d42b.jpg (source: http://blog.livedoor.jp/rein_rein/archives/51872817.html).
  14. Kato - New Releases

    Oooh, a KiHa 58 re-release! Just as I was about to go for a 2nd hand set, this pops up. Nice timing :3 Also, JR East EF81 and 42/43/47 type coaches... Hmmmmmmmm better get saving up...
  15. Planning Aizu

    If it's a Yamaha DX-7 or Roland Juno 60 or similar, all is forgiven. : P