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  1. Kabutoni

    Indoctrinating children

    Not posting here any more, but I didn't want to withhold this one. A little emotional moment for the both of us to see one of the last runs of the Odakyū 7000 Series ever. Two days later this classic train would be sent to the local depot to be torn apart with two cars preserved for the future museum in Ebina. Taken at Rinkan-park, just behind the Ōno-shed.
  2. Kabutoni

    Little Tokyo in Dusseldorf

    That brings me back to the time I was living in Germany. Every now and then I'd visit D'dorf just for these shops and to drink copious amounts of Alt (because that's a bit of a taboo in the Cologne area where I lived). I'd consider it part of my Asian Studies Japan focus 😛
  3. Kabutoni

    Tomytec - Painted & Anything Bus Related

    Last week I saw these old Nissan Diesel buses running somewhere out of the Kanuma depot (Tochigi prefecture) on a bus oriented variety program https://mobile.twitter.com/joymanmatsumoto/status/735815894367014912 This also surprised me quite a bit! Especially since the local bus company (Kanachū) always wants the newest. I've already seen quite a few older type buses from the Odakyū group being transferred elsewhere with rural number plates in the past few years (e.g. logo stripped Enoden buses with Nagano plates on their way to the Alps).
  4. Extensive rebuilding into a complete new generation until the parts really become unusable seems to be Tōbu's thing. The most recent example being the 20000 series being rebuilt into 4-car formations for rural operations. So, it could even be that the 200 series will be rebuilt into a completely new train, or get a complete mechanical renovation that surpasses the 250 Series, as the mechanical parts are almost ancient.
  5. Not really N-scale, but will be once I'm done with it! A Märklin Mini Club BR 89 in Z that I intend to rebuild to an Nm/Nn3 scale model. Probably something very generic and European to fit my other narrow gauge trams. As unfortunate as it sounds, I might have to remove and cut off the couplers and buffers in order to make it more feasible for a project, but since it only cost me about 5000 yen I won't feel so bad about it.
  6. Hi Toni,


    I like the simplicity of your approach to the traverser problem. I wonder if I could use the Unitrack Expansion Track 78-108mm instead of the Tomix equivalent you are using. Do you think it would work? I can see you removed the Tomix joiners to use just the standard n scale ones.





    1. Kabutoni


      Hello there,


      I haven't done much model train stuff lately and I need to revamp the traverser as a whole, however, I think the connection track can be solved the same way. Maybe even better with slightly modified Unijoiners or without.



    2. Khaul


      Thanks, I may give it a go then.

  7. Kind of happy to have seen this train in real life operations. 🙂
  8. Kabutoni

    Voltage conversion on the fly

    Ah yes, the voltage change. That happens on the Mito Line as well after exiting Ōyama sta. for Tomobe. The now retired 415-1500 series would have the blackout, but the E501 and E531 series have negated that issue. A bit unfortunate, as I kind of liked the idea of the voltage change as a transition from the big city connection line (Tohoku Main Line) to the rural life.
  9. Time to head out and shoot as many 185 series as possible.
  10. Kabutoni

    Tomytec - Painted & Anything Bus Related

    Got two sets of Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu buses I didn't have yet :) I'm especially cuffed with the medium sized Mitsubishi Fuso Erga Midi, as this is one of the types that (used) to run on the local line (大13). I'm seeing only Isuzu Erga nowadays, so I presume the Mitsubishi buses got replaced.
  11. Kabutoni


    Shionohara had been confirmed as closed by my friend Mr. Uematsu: https://www.facebook.com/ichiro.uematsu/posts/1100013116808348 There still is stock left and a possibility to continue production, but as Bill already stated is that there is no successor to continue the business. The shop, office and production line are all located in the same house (it's basically garage production).
  12. Kabutoni

    Indoctrinating children

    I have my sources, whispering in my head. Also I have the feeling our son us growing up too quickly. He has very little interest in the expensive new 6-car Shikishima PlaRail he got from a good friend of mine, but has developed a need for more steam trains...
  13. Kabutoni

    Indoctrinating children

    Looks like an unrefurbished 1000 series, still with a loud GTO-IGBT inverter. :)
  14. Very cool! Rokuhan's main office is located almost next to Tochigi station, so it's not very unsurprising this model was announced. I wonder if they're going to risk themselves on other regional Tōbu models, like the Spacia and 6050 series, as I feel these are kind of essential to go with their Revaty and Taiju releases. We now have a PlaRail version just released and a Z-scale model announced. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Tomix doing an N-scale model of the Revaty.
  15. Ah yes, my wife let me know just now as well. We're really looking forward to that! It'll be only 30 min. away from our doorstep :P