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  1. MicroAce - New Releases

    Damn those prices! People will however buy those 03 Series with the five door cars regardless.
  2. Toni's Model Train Adventures

    In an attempt to drop some thoughts on train liveries, I conducted a few studies with the placing of stripes and so on and so forth. Each time I came to the same conclusion that just a simple beige and red combination is best. Simple, effective and easy to recreate. Don't mind that character in the foreground... This livery will be the staple my rolling stock once I have an opportunity to work on them. A more modern look will be developed later for the two flat front units (ex-Nagoya subway 250 series).
  3. Old vans at Takasaki

    I'm really getting hyped to visit the Chichibu one day soon. It's one of those lines that deserves a bit more attention. However, next to freight keeping the line alive, the Paleo Express and moving empty stock from Seibu (I think even regular Seibu through traffic) and Tobu (Tojo and Isesaki line exchange) are essential for the region.
  4. Tomix - New Releases

    Ooh, new Kanto Railway diesels! Oh wait... Double car units again... :/ Damnit Tomytec, just give us single car units already! http://www.jp-ngauge.info/ngi/2018/04/tomytec-366f.html Also, more and more obscure commuter trains from the Kansai are being released, as the Hokushin 7000 is proof of that. :)
  5. Japanese Music

    Yeah, during that time, almost anything that was touched by Komuro was turned into gold. Amuro was already having some success, but with her signing a contract at AVEX and her teaming up with Komuro, she exploded into stardom which until September this year she'll maintain, as she also has announced her retirement.
  6. Japanese Music

    I'm a fan of almost anything Tetsuya Komuro has produced; especially his personal hits. They carry a special sign on them, so even if you don't know who made the song, you can immediately hear that Komuro sound. Here is a medley of his early hits: And his last production: And I really mean his last hit because a few weeks after this struck number one in sales hits he emotionally announced his retirement due to impending deafness on the left ear. Thus the legacy of maybe the most influential figures of late 80s and 90s Japanese pop culture has come to an end.
  7. Trains in anime/manga

    For those interested, Takara Tomy is releasing episodes of Shinkalion on their YouTube channel. It's a kid's animation where Shinkalion transform into mechanical suits. My son kind of likes it xD Of course, the trains are fairly accurate because it's made in corporation with JR East.
  8. Japanese Mascots are Too Damn Big!!!

    I have the feeling that getting stuck in doors is a merit of the cuteness factor that makes a character popular.
  9. Tateyama Heavy Industries 0-6-2T

    I found this after a short search: https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/923454321877966848 Apparently it's a C1 40 type (40 ton) made for ŇĆeyama Nickle that operated over the Kaya Railway.
  10. classification terminology

    IIRC all 6-door cars at Tokyu (Den'entoshi line 5000 series) have been replaced with rather comfortable new cars that have headrests.
  11. Toni's Model Train Adventures

    Today the last order/win of trains came in to complete my private railway collection. In total there are: - 5x two car generic commuter trains; - 4x single car generic commuter trains; - maintenance train; - 1x two car heritage unit. I think this is a nice base for a local/rural private railway operation. One of the single car units can become another ex-Ginza line unit, but for now it's an Eizan 300 type. I'm not sure if I'll keep the Eizan unit, as I don't want to ruin it. So far, all except the undecided single car unit are motorised and have received TN couplers, weights and metal wheels. At some point they'll get matching liveries and a canon will be developed around the company, but for now the collection is complete as it is. P.s. don't look at the pretty colours, but at the form. Those colours will go away and make place for a uniform livery.
  12. Toni's Model Train Adventures

    I experiment and show results with my findings. Maybe my ideas work, maybe they don't, but I will see via experiments. However, I now remember why I left this forum for a bit. Not just personal life getting in the way, but also prejudice on the basis of limited insight. Maybe I should refrain from posting again and avoid the trouble.
  13. Toni's Model Train Adventures

    Testing a little setup and my new phone a bit: This layout is probably the maximum amount of tracks I can squeeze into a little space. The eventual staging tracks (three on the left) will be extended by an S140 length probably. The platform tracks (two on the right) will remain this length.
  14. Toni's Model Train Adventures

    Having taken apart, modified and put back together a few types of TN couplers, I think I know them a little bit... Passing through an R140 curve, things look and run fine, though this is the limit of this distance. Running through an S-R140 curve is where things get wonky and everything gets messy. However, this is also a very unrealistic type of layout. Even for a railway that runs this type of cars. Now, running through a standard S-curve of a PL/R541 set looks fine. I think, if any, I'll be using tighter than R245 curves in hidden areas only. For now, tye focus is on improving rolling stock, rather than building a layout.
  15. Not too bad. I understand the white stripes above the window, as you won't be able to see it otherwise with platform doors.