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  1. Glad someone did it. I wasn't able to when I rode the line in 2011 because there was a track inspector standing beside the driver most of the way.
  2. westfalen

    Train Stations

    LAUPT and San Jose got me thinking of my U.S. trip in 2012. Here is the Texas & Pacific Station in Fort Worth, Texas on 12th June 2012, currently used by Trinity Rail Express trains to Dallas.
  3. Westfalen & Gulf's Enterprise. Used to annoy the Star Trek guys at hobby shows with it. BTW the bar scenes in the holodeck in Star Trek: First Contact were filmed in Los Angeles union station.
  4. westfalen

    What ya doing to do at the fare gate?

    Next time I got to Japan I'm not going to get a rail pass, I'm just going to wear a mascot costume and push through the barrier. There are so many of them in Japan no one is going to notice.
  5. westfalen

    DCC converting a Kato DD16?

    A CT Elektronik DCX77 should fit inside the cab with room to spare. I might even try it myself after I finish up a couple of other projects.
  6. One thing that strikes me about the design, apart from the front end that reminded me of the grill of an Edsel (and we all know what that looks like), was the small windows, something strange for a railway whose selling point is its scenery. The 900 series with their big picture windows make more sense. I've always thought the Japanese see things differently than westerners do. This train goes a bit further to proving that theory.
  7. I have cut them to use as single track tram track but the principle would be the same. They are just styrene and cut easily with a razor saw.
  8. westfalen

    Chinese High Speed Trains

    I have some Bachmann HO Chinese models. An SY 2-8-2 I bought in a hobby shop in Beijing in 2007 after seeing real ones at work, a JS 2-8-2 and DF7G diesel I bought online later and a few freight and passenger cars but I haven't seen any high speed trains. Maybe if you don't have much room for a layout long high speed trains that need a lot of room to look right are not too popular.
  9. In a country where you would think space for a layout would be as rare as it is in Japan G gauge would not sell all that well. When I stopped over in Singapore on my way home from China in 2007 the taxi driver who took me from my hotel to the railway station to catch the train to Kuala Lumpur wasn't sure where to go even then. I spent a day riding the MRT and the people movers, took the cable car across to Sentosa and the monorail back and decided I didn't need to return to Singapore for a while. I did get a video of the afternoon train to KL out in the suburbs at Ten Mile Junction though.
  10. westfalen

    Kato EF57 DCC

    NGDCC is quite easy to order from. I just send him an email listing my order and my address, he seems to understand English. Despite what the ordering instructions page of his website says about credit cards he now accepts Paypal. The last few orders I made he sent me a Paypal invoice for the amount owing and a day or so later my decoders were on the way.
  11. Being a cat person I might think about a model if Kato or Tomix made one but the only thing on it to say it's Hello Kitty seems to be the small drawing of the character on each cab car. At a train show I don't think anyone would get close enough to see what it is.
  12. westfalen

    Kato EF57 DCC

    One thing to beware of is that although the board might fit the headlight LEDs might not be in the correct place because Kato has a habit of doing them differently in every model they make and the decoders made by the American manufacturers are specifically designed to fit Kato's U.S. locos. I usually go with one of NGDCC's decoders on which the SMD LEDs can be placed where ever you need them, such as this example of an installation for the EF56. http://www.snjpn.com/ngdcc/de29/de29x2_56k.htm
  13. westfalen

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I had forgotten the E10s too, so much so that I ordered them again and was asked if I still wanted the first two. I gave them a run at the club on the weekend to see how they ran before I started installing decoders. I'm sure I read somewhere when they were announced that they would have power pickup on the trailing truck but they only pick up from the driving wheels, the drivers appear to be sprung to give better contact however and they seem to run better than the old version.
  14. Looking back at my earlier trips in the 1990's I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and ride some of the older trains that were still in service then, especially locomotive hauled trains, and quirky little private lines that have since closed and gone forever instead of spending my time riding the newest flashiest trains. These days I mostly use the Shinkansen and fancy Ltd Exp trains to get to the more interesting stuff. If I can find an plain old unrefurbished kiha 40 meandering along a branchline somewhere that's what I go for over the fancy tourist trains.
  15. westfalen

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I had USPS's New York sorting office send one from MB Kleins to Norway instead of Australia about a year ago, when it finally arrived it had a Norwegian post office sticker on it to prove it. Another went missing last year coming the same way and hasn't showed up anywhere yet, Australia Post showed it for a while as coming from Ascension Island until it disappeared so I think it's gone for good. The last was the first ever to go missing in all the years I've been getting trains from Japan, USA, UK and Germany so I now pay the extra for the higher postage rate so I can at least track them every step of the way even if USPS do send them on a world tour.