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  1. Hi, Some month ago a get the EF 64-1000 from Tomix, I manage only yet to fit it with DCC, add on parts and number plates anf here is it... And I do the other way as you for the fitting, first the DCC, then when the Shell is off all the parts, then the number and manufacturer plates and after i clean un the shell before refitting it on the chassis) As usual a little job to fit the decoder, but in this model there is enough free space. Cheers. Nicolas
  2. Tomix Kiha181 re-release

    I also miss the first run of Kiha 181 Tomix, I won't do this another time...
  3. Nice! On my side, the tenshodo oldtimer coaches to do the SL Minakami or other SL with the D51 498 and C61 20 And a car in showcase with the two locomotives. Cheers. Nicolas
  4. It's not exactly what I'm looking for, I was meaning platform announcement to put a better sound environment for my future layout. I'm thinking in puting a sound decoder in the train or, cheaper way, a speaker near the platform to announce any train (Japanese, Swiss, and more). Thank you very much, I'll search on YouTube to find those sounds. Cheers. Nicolas
  5. Hi, Speaking of announcements, I was wondering if someone know where to find stations announcements for the last night trains in Japan, Akebono, Twilight Express, Hokutosei, Cassiopeia, Sunrise Express and if possible Sakura / Hayabusa and Fuji / Hayabusa. I think it will be quite easy to find some more actuals announcements like shinkansen Hababusa or so one. Thank you if you can help me to find them!!! Cheers. Nicolas
  6. Hi, Not especially a japanese locomotive, but the Swiss Re 460 with Japan Adwert on it is arriver by me. I really like this locomotive. See you. Nicolas
  7. Tenshodo C61 in 1/80th scale.

    Hi, I've finally finished my C61 20, here with my D51: (I wonder if the two sets of tenshodo oldstyle cars will be still available in a few month when I'll have the sold for them...) Cheers. Nicolas
  8. Hi, This is not very train related but I get a second hand glass showcase and it is perfetc for H0 locomotives... (Picture was done in the night with just the showcase lighted, it's not very good in picture...) Cheers. Nicolas
  9. Tenshodo C61 in 1/80th scale.

    Yes, a very nice loco! I just watched mine yesterday to check it is OK. I'll make some pictures next week.
  10. Tenshodo C61 in 1/80th scale.

    Hi, it seems that the C61 Has been released yet, it will be a very nice gift for Christmas ^^
  11. JR 285 Sunrise Express in HO by Tomix

    Hi, Last weekend I also ran the Sunrise Express on our modular layout, it was perfect, no problem at all. And a very short video: Cheers. Nicolas
  12. Ho Steam loco's

    Hi, Last weekend we had an exibitions of my club's modular layout and I manage to run the D51 from Tenshodo in HO gauge. It was just briliant, function very well and a so great sound! Here are some pictures of the SL Minakami in Ho gauge, tha carriages are from Kato. And a video of it in motion. Cheers. Nicolas
  13. DCC for HO Models

    Hi, I have done a lot of DCC instalation on Tomix locomotives in Ho gauge, you can find it there: EMU 285 Serie from Tomix EF 510-500 from Tomix Shinkansen E5 from Kato EF 81 from Tomix (Work on all EF 81, not only the Twilight Express version) Twilight Express end carriage from Tomix I have done some more locomotives like the EF 66 and the EF 64-1000 Tomix but I don't have pictures. I recommend for locomotives with very small free space inside (Tomix EF 66, EF 510, ED 79, Serie 115 and 455) to take the new ESU micro V4 decoder for N scale, there are very efficient and there is no problem with motor current. and for the cab and end car the nwe ESU nano V4 function decoder that is very very small and allow to fit it almost everywhere. I hope this can help someone. Maybe we should do a thread that list all the detailed decoder installations on japanese HO rolling stock? Cheers. Nicolas
  14. DC Sound Controller

    Hi, I have a QSI sound HO steam D51 from tenshodo and it is full functional in DCC. There is plenty of user manual on line on Quantum QSI website.