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  1. bnicolas1987

    HO hayabusa decoder configurations

    I'm sorry, I didn't remember it was you who I sent the same post. But I cannot give you a better answers, when the train is closed the DCC fitting is invisible. One motor car with two motors needs one decoder and the two motors are connected in parallel to the motor output of the decoder. for the front / tail light, a function decoder is well.
  2. bnicolas1987

    HO hayabusa decoder configurations

    Yes it tilt a little on curves, but as my train is very far from my position I cannot make any pictures of this.
  3. bnicolas1987

    Wanted HO JR500 Shinkansen

    Hi, There is one sold there : https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e260681827 But It's not very cheap...
  4. bnicolas1987

    HO hayabusa decoder configurations

    Hi, Did you search on the forum? Here is it... Cheers. Nicolas
  5. bnicolas1987

    Kato E5 hyabusa HO scale DCC mod

    Hi, If you search a little in the forum you'll find this: I think it's OK with those pictures to fit the E5 in DCC. (You'll need a decoder per motor car and a function decoder for both end cars)
  6. bnicolas1987

    Tenshodo JR500 Nozomi HO

    Hi, I don't have any pictures of mine, but it was very easy to fit in DCC, there is a socket in each motor cat and cab car. (I think it's a 8 pin socket) Bye. Nicolas
  7. Hi, Some month ago a get the EF 64-1000 from Tomix, I manage only yet to fit it with DCC, add on parts and number plates anf here is it... And I do the other way as you for the fitting, first the DCC, then when the Shell is off all the parts, then the number and manufacturer plates and after i clean un the shell before refitting it on the chassis) As usual a little job to fit the decoder, but in this model there is enough free space. Cheers. Nicolas
  8. bnicolas1987

    Tomix Kiha181 re-release

    I also miss the first run of Kiha 181 Tomix, I won't do this another time...
  9. Nice! On my side, the tenshodo oldtimer coaches to do the SL Minakami or other SL with the D51 498 and C61 20 And a car in showcase with the two locomotives. Cheers. Nicolas
  10. It's not exactly what I'm looking for, I was meaning platform announcement to put a better sound environment for my future layout. I'm thinking in puting a sound decoder in the train or, cheaper way, a speaker near the platform to announce any train (Japanese, Swiss, and more). Thank you very much, I'll search on YouTube to find those sounds. Cheers. Nicolas
  11. Hi, Speaking of announcements, I was wondering if someone know where to find stations announcements for the last night trains in Japan, Akebono, Twilight Express, Hokutosei, Cassiopeia, Sunrise Express and if possible Sakura / Hayabusa and Fuji / Hayabusa. I think it will be quite easy to find some more actuals announcements like shinkansen Hababusa or so one. Thank you if you can help me to find them!!! Cheers. Nicolas
  12. Hi, Not especially a japanese locomotive, but the Swiss Re 460 with Japan Adwert on it is arriver by me. I really like this locomotive. See you. Nicolas
  13. bnicolas1987

    Tenshodo C61 in 1/80th scale.

    Hi, I've finally finished my C61 20, here with my D51: (I wonder if the two sets of tenshodo oldstyle cars will be still available in a few month when I'll have the sold for them...) Cheers. Nicolas
  14. Hi, This is not very train related but I get a second hand glass showcase and it is perfetc for H0 locomotives... (Picture was done in the night with just the showcase lighted, it's not very good in picture...) Cheers. Nicolas