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  1. Krackel Hopper

    Soyuz train

    GoodSmile Company is moving into 1/150th Detail is a little chunky, and non-rolling wheels but with a $43 price tag it's hard to complain. http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10496466
  2. Krackel Hopper

    GreenMax - New Releases

    Ballast Regulator KSP2002E http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10478632 December release.. hopefully this isn't plagued with delays like the tampers.
  3. Krackel Hopper

    Tomix - New Releases

    Oh man! I really hope the Hokkaido DE10 wins this. The MicroAce version was done around 2006 if I remember correctly.. has never been reprinted and nobody else has tackled this particular model.
  4. Krackel Hopper

    Help With Krackel Hopper's Layout

    I like it. I'm going to build a temporary version of this over the weekend and see how it plays out. Unfortunately I don't have all the available turnouts go actually have it running but I think I have enough track to give myself a feel for how it will work.
  5. Krackel Hopper

    Help With Krackel Hopper's Layout

    That is a good point. As long as my track work isn't terrible, derailments should hopefully be kept to a minimum anyway.. and if it does happen, this would be easy to slide out to gain access.
  6. Krackel Hopper

    MicroAce - New Releases

    I don't think it's N scale sound.. but who knows, maybe that explains the price point! haha I'm thinking it is a loudspeaker system mounted to the top of the cab. Similar to something like those political/election/propaganda vans. I'm really not sure what the point of a loudspeaker would be for an engine though. Maybe some early form of train tours "and if you look out the windows on the left side you'll get a beautiful view of blah blah blah.." I haven't a clue.. maybe to call out orders in a railyard.. but I feel like you'd want to do that from a tower and not an engine..
  7. Krackel Hopper

    Help With Krackel Hopper's Layout

    I like it. I played with changing a few things but every time it seemed to create a bigger problem. Right now the only "problem" I see is that the sidings for the small station appear to be very small (2 cars at most) but that is a problem with my lack of space and not with the track plan itself. For the elevation on the viaduct, were you thinking of just raising the approach tracks to the viaduct? Or both raise the viaduct as well as lower the tracks to the small station?
  8. Krackel Hopper

    Help With Krackel Hopper's Layout

    I agree that 24" is really tight. Like I said, I can do up to 36" but that will create some problems with being able to reach the back of the layout. I think somewhere around 30 or 32 inches would be a decent compromise of reach and available radius. I think with running mainly 1-3 car kiha40s I can get away with mostly R280 curves and not look too terrible.
  9. Krackel Hopper

    Help With Krackel Hopper's Layout

    hey hey, After several moves over the last couple years I finally settled down enough for a layout. I have room for a 3ft x 6ft layout. The layout will be in a corner, so ideally the depth should be closer to 2ft (but I have room for 3ft). For the limited size, I'd like to do something of a rural Hokkaido layout to run my fleet of Kiha-40s. I'd prefer a continuous running (loop) layout with multiple small sidings for 1-4 car sets to be displayed, the more sidings the better but without it being a spaghetti bowl.. I'm currently looking for 2x6 or 3x6 track plans. I am yet to find anything promising so far. Does anyone have any suggested track plans or would anyone who likes making plans care to take a stab at this? I'd prefer to use Tomix Fine-Track as I have a small stockpile of that track including 3-way turnouts.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Krackel Hopper

    MicroAce - New Releases

    How is it MicroAce is offering up these new steam locomotives (D52s, C10, etc) at 14,000Y and turn around and post these DD51s at 14,900Y ? No way it costs more to produce a diesel over a steam locomotive.. I know a lot of people like to complain about the increase in MicroAce pricing. However, MicroAce pricing is still better than most North American or European N-scale manufacturers. Before people start saying "It's different markets!" I know, I know.. I'm just pointing out that their pricing (while expensive for Japan) is still about on par with Greenmax locally and other manufacturers globally. That said, I am very curious why the DD51 is 900Y more than their new steam locomotives
  11. Krackel Hopper

    MicroAce D51-560

    http://www.lok.jp/201sl/D51_560a.htm I recently ran across this steam locomotive from MicroAce. The model has the outline of what I believe to be a swan (maybe goose?) on the smoke deflector. However, all the images I've found of the actual locomotive do not have this detail. Can anyone point me in the direction of finding out where this locomotive ran, what it pulled, particularly while it wore this swan symbol? How long did it wear this swan symbol? Not sure if this is the best place for this post as I'm looking for info of the actual D51-560.. but asking because of the MicroAce model I've seen.. Thanks for any help on this!
  12. Krackel Hopper

    Trains in Special Liveries

    That is a huge price difference! The MSRP on the Genbi E3 is 30,240Y and compare that to the new (also 6 car) 800 series from Tomix with the MSRP of 20,304Y.. 9,936Y difference for the exact same number of cars! Still not as bad as the 37,800Y of the EVA 500 series.. licensing is certainly expensive However, the Series 1000 Panorama Super Blue Liner (4 car) cost me nearly as much as this Genbi (6 car) If Tomix can pull off the paint job, I think this will be a real eye-catcher! I haven't preordered just yet but I am seriously considering!
  13. Krackel Hopper

    Trains in Special Liveries

    Came out a few weeks ago but I just received mine in the mail today! http://banzaihobby.com/bmz_cache/a/a9a2a56f4671734ccdd3fb6ac4233c11.image.750x512.jpg I realized that I am starting to have quite the collection is these shorter 1-3 car painted trains from Hokkaido. Enough so that I should really make a small layout to use them on. A little 2x4 or 3x5 rural style layout that these 1-3 car kiha's would look good on. Fox, Crab & Squid, Barbecue Train, Hidaka Pony Train, Hidaka kiha 40, Hokkaido kiha 40s, Lupin III kiha 54.. my latest South Hokkaido Railway kiha 40s.. and my newest preorder of the kiha 54 ice train.. but I digress..
  14. Krackel Hopper

    Trains in Special Liveries

    Just preordered what will be my first addition in a while.. Hokkaido Type KIHA54-500 (Ryuhyo Monogatari) Model is being offered by both Tomytec and Greenmax. I decided on the Greenmax because I wanted a powered unit with both the head and tail lights. Tomytec: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10454197 Greenmax: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10452556
  15. Krackel Hopper

    B-Train Small Layout #2

    I'm looking forward to seeing the layout at this show! Also very interested to hear the final verdict on the extension module.