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  1. katoftw

    Locos and rolling stock on R216 curves

    Mini curve stuff is your best bet though. You aint gonna find a comprehensive list of trains that will work on R216.
  2. katoftw

    Which prefecture has the fewest train lines?

    amount of track per kilometer or mile square land, I'd say Hokkaido per kilometer or mile length of total tracks, I'd say Miyazaki, Ehime, Gifu every prefecture has a train line, if you include monorail has trains.
  3. JR companies aren't the only ones interested in shinkansen tech. Bi level may appeal to other markets.
  4. Here in Australia is is cheaper to run the gauntlet with volatile exchange rates than pay the bigger prices from home shops.
  5. July 7 Episode was a new one, all others reruns. I'd forgotten to check. Thanks.
  6. katoftw

    Spirited Away?

    Something to browse over
  7. katoftw

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    In you first paragraph, you have already addressed this issue in another one of your tldr post. So I can only assume you are attempt to have the last say or just needing your voice heard. Funny how you went super quiet on the issue of ARN when others brought it up. As for the second bit. I'd challange you to find where I have given misleading information regards comsumption tax. So responding to everything typed by another because you have a different belief, yes belief... Especially for a situation that doesn't effect your own purchases. I think about whom you call out trolling first.
  8. Seems Popendetta is now getting into the passenger train business. Normally just done freight cars and containers. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10549078
  9. katoftw

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Your hobby search figures are completely incorrect. And their discount is super clear. Hobby search normally offer a 15% discount on the rrp amount for pre orders. So the JR 500-7000 hello kitty at 30,000 is 25,500 yen as a per order. As tax is not applicable for outside japan orders. All other HS items are 10% when not as a pre order. MTP works the same... And as noted, AmiAmi are not also adding another 10% for aussie customers. Plus all these calculations don't take into account payment options or points loyalty system, which can save you even more money. As been said multiple times, just gotta do your numbers and find which option works for your personal situation.
  10. katoftw

    Tomix - New Releases

    Nothing for me. Luckily since I have too many upcoming pre orders currenrly.
  11. katoftw

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    So glad I cancelled 110,000 yen of pre orders with then. The deeper you dig. The more you realise they are dodgy.
  12. katoftw

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    I'll have a look when the package arrives. I'm doubtful though.
  13. katoftw

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Doing the same. Although I cancelled 10,000 yen of pre orders from them.
  14. katoftw

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    Seems they are applying it randomly. haha It goes in the discount colomn which I find amusing.
  15. katoftw

    AmiAmi Character and Hobby

    AmiAmi. Hobbysearch do not collect gst.