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  1. Kato - New Releases

    Here are product information in English for newly announced KATO product as usual.
  2. Kato - New Releases

    This is not a typo. KATO is releasing N scale KIHA81 ahead of HO. There is a sentence in the photo it says "HO version is also under development".
  3. Kato - New Releases

    As usual. Got English version of new product information. Free to distribute as you like.
  4. Kato - New Releases

    Received new product information from Kato. Please feel free to distribute.
  5. Kato - New Releases

    Got English version of new product information for January as usual. NewModelInformation2018.1.pdf
  6. ModelTrainPlus

    I will be an exhibitor at Osaka Umeda "Model Railroad Bazar". The venue is "ACT III HALL" where a walking distance from Osaka/Umeda station. You are welcome to visit the event. http://tetsumoba.blog.jp/archives/5312364.html Sorry, the page is written in Japanese. Jan. 13 - 10:00-17:00 Jan. 14 - 10:00-16:00 Sorry no display of layout or fun exhibit for kids...
  7. Kato - New Releases

    As usual. Got English version of new product information from KATO. Also they gave me English version introduction for Shiki-shima. Please feel free to distribute around.
  8. Kato - New Releases

    I will be posting English product brochure from KATO on this thread from now on. KATO rep agreed for you to freely repost this on other forums to widely share. But please do not modify the content.
  9. ModelTrainPlus

    bill937ca-san, Thank you for the update. As already posted, pre-order for Taiwan High Speed Rail 700T is up. Also I listed TOMIX pre-order as well. https://www.modeltrainplus.net/collections/pre-order I used to post English version of KATO product description on this thread, but I will post it on other thread as it is open and should be widely shared.
  10. ModelTrainPlus

    This 700T will be sold in Taiwan as well, I assume by Taiwan High Speed Rail by themselves. So they don't want to have parallel imported item sold in Taiwan with lower price or something... Also, each package will be having specific serial number... not so sure about this as this is not a limited item...
  11. ModelTrainPlus

    Pre-order for newly announced KATO is up now. https://www.modeltrainplus.net/collections/pre-order I will share English brochure once I got as usual. With regarding KATO 10-1476/1477 Taiwan High Speed Rail 700T, I have not listed online for pre-order yet. The reason is that KATO requesting retailers to sell this product only for Japan domestic market due to licensing contract term. (Of course I know this kind of thing/operation doesn't work nowdays but need to respect their preference as well even I am also a bit frustrated....) I will be visiting KATO for monthly meeting on next week and update to be shared later. Thank you for understanding.
  12. ModelTrainPlus

    Here is the English product information for newly announced KATO products. They are open for pre-order now.
  13. Timonium??

    Oh, 2 years since then.... I miss everyone met at Timonium and the Cheese Steak at Philadelphia....
  14. ModelTrainPlus

    Thank you for the visit. My pleasure to meet with you face to face. Have a nice trip.
  15. ModelTrainPlus

    Jeff and JR500-san, It was also first time to see this kind of material for me. I just talked with KATO rep yesterday during the monthly meeting and told me they make this brochure for oversea sales, which is for reseller/distributor outside of Japan. So I asked them to give me a copy so that I can distribute to BtoC channel as it is very "MOTTAINAI" even they make this and only sharing to closed channel. As it is translated by KATO employee, not outside professional, there may be incorrect information or typo but hope you can get some idea.