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  1. What did you order or the post deliver?

    That's great Sam. Glad I got what I did yesterday cause they are all gone now.
  2. What did you order or the post deliver?

    That was what I suspected at first. As I have been adding some of the old Greenmax buildings into the Trovestar N Scale database I have noticed some of the boxes have a "Mokei Imports" sticker so that would seem to confirm that at least the Greenmax kits passed through Mokei at some point.
  3. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Just picked up two Greenmax # 36 kits on ebay for a project I want to start. This is the viaduct set with shops under the track. This seller has quite a few Japanese items at reasonable prices and is in the US so shipping was reasonable for me. https://www.ebay.com/sch/N-Scale/19119/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=tma3015&_sac=1 Saw that he also had an old Tomix 2816 (125 type car for 100 series Shinkansen) but it had already sold. I need 2 of those and a 2816 (126 type) to complete my full 16 car train that I started in 1997 !
  4. Hot Springs on a mountain slope

    As much as I like the TomyTec structure kits, I find that many of them have bases that are too tall. On the Hot Springs Hotel building I simply did not use the base and set the building into a .040 deep pit. On the Sake shop I did use the base but set it into a deeper pit. http://tokyo-in-nscale.blogspot.com/2014/09/building-tomytec-sake-shop.html For building lights I use LED boards that I have removed from American prototype Atlas and Kato locomotives. This post show that the best. http://tokyo-in-nscale.blogspot.com/2014/12/details-lighting-inside-sake-shop.html The winding road was cut from a piece of .030 styrene sheet. Attached to the already cut out hill side with liquid nails, then gaps filled in the drywall mud which is something I use a lot for scenery. I was wondering is that 3D printed base all one piece ?
  5. Hot Springs on a mountain slope

    That's going to be really nice scene Jan. I used one of the same TomyTec buildings for a similar but smaller scene on one of my Ntrak modules. I also have a winding road between the local station and the Hot Springs and made some road mirrors for my road. That may be something you could also do with 3D printing as I have never seen any available commercially. A couple of links below show some of my project. I will look forward to seeing how your project comes progresses. http://tokyo-in-nscale.blogspot.com/2014/11/finishing-hot-springs-hotel.html http://tokyo-in-nscale.blogspot.com/2015/06/hot-springs-junction-wrap-up.html
  6. Crockett NTrak Meet-up

    Junior, great to see you are giving that GG1 a good work out. Sorry I could not make it this time, Paul and I are both working on things getting ready for the week long setup starting in less than two weeks in San Carlos. Hope you and Sam and anyone else that is interested can come by and run with us. https://www.hiller.org/event/trains-and-planes/
  7. AsiaNrail at the Hiller Avation Museum

    That module is one of Paul's. I believe it is the Fujimi kit. Don't know how much he had to modify it. From first hand experience I think he needs some tour buses and crowds of visitors in that scene.
  8. AsiaNrail at the Hiller Avation Museum

    AsiaNrail will be back again for the 2018 edition of this show which will take place between Saturday, March 31st and Sunday, April 8th. The museum will be closed for Easter Sunday, April 1st. This event will include several other display layouts of all scales as well as the museum's regular exhibits. Really looking forward to it and hope to see some of the local JNS Forum members there. https://www.hiller.org/event/trains-and-planes/
  9. Bay Area T-Trak

    This is great ! You know I have a T-Trak I started about 10 years ago then stopped when I started building my AsiaNrail modules. It is a double sized. Perhaps I can get it going again with a simple suburban scene ?
  10. Crockett NTrak Meet-up

    Yes, very enjoyable ! Glad I could make it to this one. Thanks Junior for posting some good photos. Everything I took came out blurry with the trains moving. The best of my lot was this one of my new Kato E233 in Nambu line colors. This was the first time I have run it on a large layout since purchasing it on my last day in Tokyo last spring. Having not visited this layout for over 23 years, I did not realize that it was now all DCC. We were running almost everything with one throttle on address 00. We were also able to view some 1:1 trains from the window of the layout room. From left to right Paul, Junior, and our host, Bob. This was an east bound UP freight with 6 locomotives on the front a nice variety of car types including many different type of roll steel cars.
  11. Crockett NTrak Meet-up

    I will be making it to this one, looking forward to it !
  12. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Attended a model railroad show over the weekend not far from my home in California and found one of the dealers there with a good selection of Tomix buildings and passenger sets and other Japanese prototype items. I ended up with this Green Max bus set which I had never seen before.
  13. AsiaNRail in Los Altos

    Hope you guys have had a great show and sorry to have missed this years event. We are currently in western South Dakota camped next to old Burlington Northern ROW. Got to a RR museum this morning and have train ride this afternoon.
  14. Sold as of August 26th.
  15. N Scale Database

    Once you have logged in you can enter as many items as you want. Make sure the item is not already in the database first before entering. This can be done by entering the model number in the search box.