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  1. Actually this is a good exercise in that it gives you experience and allows you to set up limits. Inobu
  2. The issue is two fold. The ESU values written to the D&H decoder set other values which change the decoder figuration. Because these presets are not in JMRI you will have to manually do the change. Here is what happens. When the decoder is powered on it looks at all of the CV values to see what features it is suppose to use. CV 29 bit 5 is what activates the Long address. If it see that value 32 then it will NOT look at CV1 for the Short address. It will look at CV 17 and CV 18 for the Long 4 digit address. This means you will have to change CV29 to 32 according to their manual. That value could be different for other decoders. Then change CV17 and CV18. You need to calculate what the value needs to be. Use this only for CV17 and 18 http://www.digitrax.com/support/cv/calculators/ Play around with JMRI and watch how it changes the values. You will see how it works. Inobu Look at CV 29. Notice how the value changes what you select the different features. CV29 with only Long address is 32, if you add the 14-28/126 speed steps and Analog permitted the value adds up to 38 The bit on the left is the binary 32 - 16 - 8 - 4 - 2 - 1 1 0 0 1 1 0 add where the ones are flagged and you get 38. The 1 and like little check marks stating that you want those feature turn on. The decoder is a machine that reads binary. We people are decimal so 38 is for us to understand the binary is the translations that is taking place.
  3. Be careful with these decoder you can lock it out. You can change the long address and change a setting that will shut DCC operation off which will not let you program it via DCC. Then you can shut the MM (Marklin Motorola) operation off and MM disable programming. With that everything is off and game over. Because the service more was open you could reset everything. Had the DCC operation been cut off it would have been bricked. Inobu
  4. Write 8 to cv 8 2 or 3 time over and over then read address. Inobu
  5. That's is really.....the way I think too....... Inobu
  6. Digitrax problems - "Slot Max"

    The sound files are different. Its has a proprietary file configuration that JMRI cannot access. The decoder CV section is accessible. ESU is really making leaps in their product lines. The Lok sound program is free and worth looking at if you like it get the Lok Programmer. I listen to a friend and got one myself. Its a good tool to have. GS-4 You will need the Lok programmer to make the changes. Inobu
  7. Digitrax problems - "Slot Max"

    To say a graphical interface to read and write decoder CV's is not necessary but hunting and pecking CV is. ok There are 9500 user in the JMRI forum. If you want to think they are regulated to clubs. I guess so. I guess..... Inobu
  8. Digitrax problems - "Slot Max"

    Best and easiest option is to get a PR3 and JMRI. IT will make life easier in a lot of ways. JMRI has a slot monitor that displays everything you need to see. Click 1 button and it frees the slots. Just one of many things it does. Inobu
  9. Tram line plan

    You get locked onto one way of thinking and miss everything. "Kato doesn't have the right sensors for this". Why does it have to be a Kato device. It requires a small tripping device. A magnet to trip a magnetic sensor or reed switch. You can get them at any electronic store. Its no different than the magnetic system used on the Tomix bus. Here is the example. Why would you even suggest butcher 2 $35 signals when you can get a $2 switch. That has no logic to it. In any case I stated enough and I don't have anymore to contribute here. Inobu
  10. Tram line plan

    Everyone may not want to swap their track to Tomix. Some people may some may not. For some reason you think your way is the only solution. There are many way to address a problem. Ok you figured it out with Tomix. What is a guy running Atlas track going to do. The RRConcept allows one to use their existing track to achieve the reversing, station stopping and other features. Tomix, Ardino or JMRI may not be for everyone. I found out about RR Concepts because a customer wanted to use. I said ok and did it. There were easier ways to do it but he had 3 or 4 of the Station Masters and wanted to use it. It was troublesome but it worked. Its all about knowledge base. That why I have Digitrax, NCE, MRC, ESU and DCC Specitalties. You never know what someone will want and sometimes its about making it work with what they got not what you want them to have. . Inobu
  11. Tram line plan

    Its unfortunate. This is all Kato track and switches. The whole yard utilizes power routing. How do I know. I built it. Inobu
  12. The POT won't be an issue with it. (Facepalm). lol Inobu