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  1. Like kvp said its tied to the H Bridge It might be a SOT23-6 N CHANNEL ENHANCEMENT MODE MOSFET Inobu
  2. I believe its just an orientation issue. The solder pads will lie below the driveshaft. the dummy board is cut out so the decoder can nest inside of it. Solder bridge keeps it in place. Inobu
  3. Here is the other decoder PD50A with a conceptual rendering. I think the orientation is a plus.
  4. That will be good. Thickness is a issue as some installs has the driveshaft going over the decoder. Thanks Inobu Did a light board its rough but it works.
  5. Really a good idea. Here is my contribution. DH05C 13.2mm x 6.8mm x 1.4 The red outline is from a light board. Not sure how thick the EM13 is. The question is how thick the EM13 is and and how much room can the decoder shift to the left. I think you need to increase the board to the left if possible Create solder pads adjacent to decoder pads Insert the DH05C into the opening and bridge the pads. Inobu Really good idea Patrick. Das ist Deutschland
  6. inobu

    Loco Camera

    Its something different. it looks good in the video but I guess the dust build up will take its toll over time. Inobu
  7. Not sure which one is more impressive the camera interface or the snow on the ground. Inobu
  8. inobu

    Trying T-Trak

    Instead of placing a solid top I'm using 2" foam inserts. That way I can introduce subtle terrain elevations easy. Its ditches and divots that being out the scenes. Inobu
  9. inobu

    Trying T-Trak

    Finally got around to cutting the wood. Now I have to drill the holes for the Tee nuts and cut the foam inserts. I messed up on the doubles I cut it to 24" so I have to use it for a junction or something. I think I will switch over to mm. Inobu
  10. inobu

    Kato Unitram Turnout Rolling Stock Tests

    Did not see that you were a new to the forum. Your tram layout is well advanced and I assumed you were an old timer to the forum. Anyway Welcome. Inobu Cal Poly and Cal Tech only means something to some of us.
  11. inobu

    Kato Unitram Turnout Rolling Stock Tests

    I can believe how the cops just sat there and watch collision without reporting it. I think the other collisions could have been avoided. The series of 9.0 earth quakes and how well the infrastructure held up was impressive to me. One would think people would be out on the streets but then again the giant kept meddling with the trams most likely scared them inside. if you ask me. The NTSB and Cal Poly should be notified this was pretty serious but then no one pays attention to me. Just-fully so. Inobu
  12. inobu

    Wall Framed Layout

    The viaduct piers need a secure base to attach to. Give it a wood base that you can attach to the frame. The bolts will tie into the wood outline of the viaduct minimizing weight but adding support only where its needed. Inobu
  13. inobu

    The Big Pink L

    I like the concept of running. I would add the elevated track and then have it come back down where the yard can get onto the main. Yes my geometry is off here but its just to promote the concept Increase the radius and run super elevated. A chicane will allow for the larger radius "282" without adding/taking up too much floor space. Within the loops you can add the buildings with an access road between them. Its similar to Gavins Inobu With pink foam you can create a tri level layout dropping down 1 inch and rising 1 inch from the main. This cuts down on your run requirements. So, yellow drops down 1 inch, the cyan rises 1 inch. Blue can stay level with orange the main.
  14. inobu

    The Big Pink L

    I can never do anything fast because of this geometry page. I going to fix it right now. Inobu
  15. inobu

    The Big Pink L

    Its a combination of them all. The noise is coming from the vibration of the track to the foam to the shelf. You have to create stability to absorb the vibration not transfer it. That's a good plan, If I were you I would frame it up and then secure it on to the shelf. I like it a lot I would tweak it so you can run it. Inobu