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  1. It's JR Tokai easy enough to confuse when its the same first Kanji for both :)
  2. Ah of course, didn't think of debris in fast flowing water striking the pier!
  3. Interesting, wonder why they did it though, the river doesn't look like it would be navigable so why not just build a pier in the river?
  4. tsubasa119

    T-Trak - 'Engine House' Module

    Yeah that's why i asked as i too was looking to place an order but he's disappeared from the net. Bit hard to do woodworking when I live in an apartment
  5. I did Higashi-Muroran to Kagoshima Chuo and back to Himeji in 24hrs once: Hamanasu: Higashi-Muroran to Aomori Local: Aomori to Shin Aomori Hayabusa: Shin Aomori to Tokyo Hikari: Tokyo to Shin Osaka Hikari RailStar: Shin Osaka to Hakata Tsubame: Hakata to Kagoshima Chuo Sakura: Kagoshima Chuo to Okayama Sunrise Seto/Izumo: Okayama to Himeji (and on to Tokyo) In the space of 31 hrs i was off trains for about 90 mins/2 hrs
  6. tsubasa119

    T-Trak - 'Engine House' Module

    Is the guy that makes your modules the guy that used to run Modular Train Tables?
  7. tsubasa119

    Travelling to Amanohashidate on a JR Pass

    It may have changed since I did it, but i was able to book the seat to Amanohashidate and then pay the suppliment for the non-JR section onboard once the train entered the private railway direct to the conductor
  8. tsubasa119

    Photographic policies in Japan

    I agree with what everyone has said, never had any issues as long as you keep out of the way, and agree with bikuri bahn about other photographers, i find that they are always up for a conversation, they first start talking in English and I usually surprise them by answering them in Japanese, the look on their faces is priceless!
  9. tsubasa119

    Unitram Tram Track Wish List

    Has anyone heard if there are there any plans to have a set of Y shaped Unitram points? in order to make triangle junctions? or even threeway points for Grand Union Junctions?
  10. An engineering firm in Fukushima city has built a new SL for a fan eager to do something to assist in the reconstruction of the Tohoku region. Article from Japan Times in English Video on Yomimuri Shimbun (Japanese) Regards, Allastair
  11. Wow! Glad it wasn't 2 days earlier, really would have thrown my trip into chaos! Allastair
  12. Rode these two lines yesterday, glad i did! There were a couple of Japanese Railfans along for the ride as well. Have now ridden 3 of the 4 762mm gauge lines in Japan, Didn't get to the Sangi Line in Kuwana, ran out of time Allastair
  13. tsubasa119

    Tokyo Station --steam and Shinkansen

    Here is a machine translation of the caption: Sounds like it may have been a special To commemorate the line electrification Takashima, goodbye Tokyo train - has been driven between the Port of Yokohama. Hall was taken from the rooftop KOKURO this train. Shinkansen smoke 蒸機 expiring along with D51 was mapped to the sky of Tokyo. D51 791: machine. Hiroyuki Uchida: P Tokyo '70 .10.18 Regards, Allastair
  14. tsubasa119

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    I got the full Orient Express set from Rakuten on Tuesday.
  15. Hi Linky, Look forward to seeing it, i'll be there exhibiting my HO Victorian Railways Layout.