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  1. Welcome jnsarnold. How do you record the stream, I have a 30mb fiber optic connection and could try too.
  2. Thank you Lee for all the time you have spent uploading
  3. Thanks a lot Lee, you are the best.
  4. As usual many thanks for sharing Lee
  5. NHK World is free-to-air in Europe. NHK World is made to be promotional for Japan.
  6. If he upload Lee videos, the problem is that anyone can read the forum and not only who are registered. Can not allow only registered to read?
  7. Japan Railway Journal is available on video on demand after broadcasting on NHK World website so if someone that have a minimum skill can download it and upload on the tube, so do not put the cart in front of the oxen ( i don't know if it is used in English) and don't think bad :-)
  8. Thanks a lot Lee, and thanks for the historic fact :-)