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  1. enoden

    fun with acetone?

    Acetone is a proven carcinogen and considered very toxic. It was removed from the lab where I worked a few years ago and is now kept in limited amounts in a locked metal cabinet and only used under a well ventilated hood. Suggest that you take the jar to a recycler of dangerous chemicals, paints, solvents, etc. The community where I live has chemical recycling collection days twice a year.
  2. enoden

    Industrial mini-layout

    Here is a photo of my little industrial themed layout. It measures 14 inches (36cm) by 19 inches (48cm) and is housed in a box. Tomix track was used.
  3. enoden

    Kato Allegra Problem

    Somehow, a sentence or two in my last post got left out. I started by removing the shell which was not at all helpful because it didn’t provide access to the motor or flywheels and the reassembly was what I was referring to about it being so difficult and not helpful in attempting to resolve the problem.
  4. enoden

    Kato Allegra Problem

    I carefully examined the gears and trucks, etc. with a magnifier and could see nothing wrong. It was a big mistake to do that because that did not allow access to the motor, etc,. and it was a hercuiean task for my old eyes and hands to get it back together. Man, is that ever a delicate piece of engineering! Next, I turned it upside down and removed the bottom plate which allowed access to the flywheels. I slowly turned the flywheels by rubbing my finger on them and lubricated the gears in the trucks with tiny drops of plastic compatible oil. The gears seemed to be turning as I moved the flywheel with my finger so I replaced the bottom plate, put the unit back on the track and now it runs. I have no idea what was wrong with it nor do I know what exactly I did to fix it but it runs now and I am happy.
  5. enoden

    Kato Allegra Problem

    The lights go on, the train does not move. Less than 20 minutes run time. Any suggestions or information would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. enoden

    New micro layout

    It's not a shorty locomotive. It's a brass box cab kit by AruNine. As for the building: I've had it for a long time and don't remember where I got it or who made it.
  7. enoden

    New micro layout

    My new micro layout uses Tomix track and measures 30 inches by 17 inches (762 x 432mm). It sits on a shelf above my office desk.
  8. enoden

    Locomotive wheel cleaner

    I use it all the time. Once in a while, a traction tire may break but they are usually rather easily replaced.
  9. enoden

    EMS shipment problems

    Problem solved. I contacted the seller and there was a misunderstanding. I was under the impression that the item had been shipped EMS. The seller assumed that I preferred SAL shipping so it was sent via the slower method. I'm sure that it will be at my door soon.
  10. enoden

    EMS shipment problems

    I ordered an item from Japan which was shipped EMS within 24 hours of my order. It was scanned as arrived in New York 5 days later. As of this morning, almost ten days after arrival in New York, it is still there. Has anyone else experienced this problem? My local post office offers no help. Any suggestions how to resolve the problem other than to wait it out?
  11. I am building a new micro layout which I intend to display at the East Penn Traction Club Meet in May. The layout is almost finished. I have some paint to touch up and some details to add. Among them are the catenary poles which should be here soon. It measures 14 inches by 20 inches and uses Tomix track. Here are some preview photos.
  12. enoden

    Tomix track seller in the US?

    The product that I ordered from Hobby Search in Japan was by Kato. I called my not so local hobby shop and they did not have it in stock. If they did have it, a trip there would have cost about $15 in gas and tolls plus the state sales tax would have added another expense. Kato USA did not have it in stock either and could not tell me when they would have it in stock. Hobby Search had it and so did I - in three days after placing my order.
  13. enoden

    Tomix track seller in the US?

    I placed an order with Hobby Search (Japan) on Wed,evening September 7th. The package was shipped EMS and I received it at my home near Phlladelphia on Saturday afternoon, Sept. 10th.
  14. enoden

    what would you do with 12 foot by 4 foot?

    Here are three photos to give you some ideas. The European themed layout in two of the photos measures 3 feet by 14 feet. The Japanese themed layout in the third photo is 12.5 feet long by 5 feet wide.
  15. The webcams showing rail activity at Tokyo Tabata and Tokyo Oku stations have been off line for some time now. Can anyone shed light on the situation? Is the present situation permanent?