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  1. I would like to thank Inobu for his post that guided me well for the digitalization of this locomotive.
  2. Machaing

    Hello from France

    Hello, Retired since 2 years of French railways, I started 6 months ago in model railroading. In order not to impose on my wife a circuit that is too big, I naturally went to the N scale. I acquired new and used Fleischmann and Roco equipment but it did not give me complete satisfaction. So I sold everything to buy Kato equipment and I must say that it is an extraordinary material. Moreover, bought directly in Japan it is much cheaper than material bought in Europe. I have since acquired a Digikeijs DR5000 control unit, DR4018 modules for switch management and DR4088 for track circuits. At the moment I have only done a test layout to understand the operation, the wiring and to assimilate what not to do in a larger layout. Your forum is one of the most complete that I have consulted and I thank you for accepting me among you. PS: if I understand relatively well English I still got help from google translate for this text, I'm sorry if some terms are poorly chosen.