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  1. JohnG13

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    I also happen to be doing a layout based on the Eizan line! It's probably my favourite Japanese line, with the mix of urban and rural mountain in a fairly short line - it's a beautiful journey. I was lucky enough to be in Kyoto when Tomix sold the limited edition Tetsudo collection model of the original Eizan cars, I don't know if it's still sold but you could do some looking. Good luck with it!
  2. JohnG13

    Any clubs in Kent, UK?

    I've lived in Kent all my life, the county itself is beautiful but the railways here make it more special. I don't know if you've heard of Dungeness, it's the large shingle headland into the English Channel just along the coast from Folkstone, but my dad did an N-gauge model of the terminus there many years ago. There used to be a passenger service decades ago but now all that runs are trains that remove nuclear waste from a power-station being shut down. It's just another special line in Kent ~
  3. JohnG13

    Streetcar/mainline dynamic layout

    Here are some more shots - i don't have a digital track plan but there is a hand drawn one for the point switches (in the photo)
  4. JohnG13

    Streetcar/mainline dynamic layout

    Some more photos
  5. Here are some photos of my layout, it's 30cm x 150cm (made to an Ikea shelf but it got extended...twice...) It's two thirds rural and one third city, with a mix of mainline and streetcar/private line. I took most inspiration from the Kyoto Randen line as well as the Kyoto Eizan Electric line, but there is not a specific location it's modeled off. The rural side is a terminus station and the city side has mainline sidings (basically an exposed fiddle yard) and a streetcar terminus, allowing me to run trams and mainline trains along the same tracks.
  6. JohnG13

    Any clubs in Kent, UK?

    Thanks so much! I thought I had looked everywhere but clearly not, thanks again.
  7. JohnG13

    Hey from Kent, UK!

    Hey from the UK! I am only 16 but already have an HOe/009 circular layout and an N gauge shuttle layout, so clearly I've started young (rest of the family do British modelling but that bores me hehe). I decided to join this forum as there isn't much of a Japanese modelling community in the South East, well at least I've never seen it at model rail shows over the years, so it would be nice to talk to people with this shared hobby. Japanese railway modelling is just one stem of my passion for the Far East, I don't want to sound like that classic teen that loves anything manga or anime because really I'm not, I'm just fascinated by the cultural and social differences to the West (and the different railways of course). So in terms of my models, the HOe/009 is circular track on a square baseboard with one round-round loop and a siding. It's a typical scene of cherry blossoms, tea house, ponds etc, made before my trip to Japan in 2016 so accuracy isn't very good. The rolling stock is basically Minitrains and old HOe roco locos and carriages/wagons, with one Japanese Kubiki Railway DB81 from 'Pair Hands' models. The N-gauge layout is a long shelf size, two thirds is rural terminus station in a mountain valley with rice fields, the other third is a small city scene with streetcar tracks in the foreground and mainline sidings at the back, divided by a typical Japanese city street scene. Rolling stock is all Kato and Tomix, traction is: C11 SL (Oigawa railway edition with three carriages), C50 SL Kato 50th anniversary edition, and an ED75 loco. I also have a two car set of orange Kiha 40s, a two car set of Kato's 50th anniversary Keikyu Deha 268, and a two car set of Tomytec Tetsudo Eizan Electric Line cars (green and cream original edition). There is also Kato freight rolling stock, such as black box wagons, etc. That's about it! Currently I'm working on the N-gauge, I'm trying to make it exhibition standard to get more Japanese railway representation in the South East model scene. As for the narrow gauge, I'll maybe re-do it as it's not to the best standard - to be honest I prefer Japanese Narrow Gauge! Anyways, I'm so glad I found this forum! Talk soon~
  8. JohnG13

    Any clubs in Kent, UK?

    Hey, I've just joined this forum and am looking for possible societies or clubs preferably in Kent, UK. I'm 16 with a HOe layout and an N Gauge layout, both based in Japan. Can anyone help?