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  1. MichiK

    Climb to Kurama ( eizan Mini layout)

    Excelent craftmanship, Jef! I have to admit that I wouldn't have a fraction of the patience necessary for those cutouts... Michi
  2. MichiK

    A5 sized Z Shorty microlayout

    Summertime, And the livin' is easy ...And I'm still waiting for my mojo to return from vacations. 😒 In the mean time at least I've settled one quite crucial point: The thing with model railways is that some components usually are grossly oversized, rails in particular. This leads to platforms that are much higher than they should be, which in my case would be twice as obvious and distracting as on 'normal' layouts. I've decided to go for a platform 2' 6" above rail level. I've found that number in an Meiji-era-document on Japanese stations ( tszt01.pdf at ). The KiHa52 has its floor at 1200-and-something millimeters but steps at about 1000 mm. Thus, it should well get together with a platform level of 762 mm. Furthermore, I've decided to raise the ground level in the 'open countryside' to 2.5 mm, and streets and the like to 3.3 mm (using carboard of 2.5 mm and 0.8 mm thickness, respectively). Together with the 5.25 mm height of the Rokuhan track, the platform level then calculates to 5.45 mm (i.e., about 1200 mm in real life) above street level: In real life this translates roughly into the ommission of the lowermost step of the station stairs. I've done a quick test piece to check the visual appearance: From a 'normal' angle the platform gives quite a high, but not overly high impression - fine! And this is what it looks loke from rail level and platform level, respectively - quite some difference! Michi
  3. MichiK

    z-train shorty

    Just read over at Hobby Search that Rokuhan is going to release the Type 923 Doctor Yellow as a shorty. That one is sooo kawai - Ohboyohboyohboy !!!
  4. Ahh... yes, I got that wrong - all clear now! Weeeeelll... Resistance is futile !
  5. Oi, why not? (And they'll do it, anyway...) I've been thinking about this issue for a while now, and I see it slightly different (but only ever so slightly!). From an economical point of view, I consider the Taiju release as almost a no-brainer: Rokuhan had the C11, DE10, and type 14 coaches already in their product portfolio, anyway. The Yo8000, if I remember correctly, was the only "really new" investment. But that I do not consider Tōbu specific either, as Rokuhan lacked a caboosey car to accompany their ToRas and WaMus in any case. A WaFu type is already available from Tenshodo, therefore a Yo type was the logical choice. The Revaty, on the other side, is undoubtly a Tōbu specific product. But it is new and gained some publicity recently, and it certainly looks spectacular. Therefore, I'm sure it will find its buyers, regardless whether they model the Tōbu railway, or a different company, or no prototype at all (me, for example!). Therefore, I consider the Taiju and Revaty models as actually aiming for the general market while, simultaneously, opening an option for a really Tōbu centred product line. Rokuhan can now comfortably lean back and watch how the market reacts. If a sufficient demand arises they'll certainly go for it, and if not then nothing's lost at all.
  6. Hello! Rokuhan will release the Tobu Railway Series 500 EMU in summer. The train will come in three flavours: - beginner set with 3-car-train-set, track, and controller - Revaty Aizu 3-car-set - Revaty Kegon 3-car-set Oh boy, am I tempted! Michi
  7. MichiK

    What's in Your Roster?

    It often helps a lot to paint the "gaps" between the various appliances [almost] black:
  8. MichiK

    Rokuhan C11 2-6-4T review

    I guess the narrow curve PLUS the gradient PLUS the train load PLUS the superelevated rails is simply too much for the little cutie? Otherwise, she's a good runner... Still I wonder how to add a bit more weight to the front, but I have no other idea than giving up the lighting, yet.
  9. MichiK

    Rokuhan C11 2-6-4T review

    Hi Kev, what are your experiences with the running qualities? The reason for the question is, that my C11 'lollops' - admitedly only - when running forward in curve (~220mm radius) up a slope with a train attached. She runs perfectly well, however, when she runs with the tender ahead. I've noticed that the centre of gravity is quite close to the rearmost driving axle, and I suspect that under the named conditions the forward driving wheels continuously try to climb the outer rail. Michi
  10. MichiK

    A5 sized Z Shorty microlayout

    Indeed, I do, Jeff! Planes, ships, cars, minions, architecture... you name it. By the way: There actually is something you might call paper rafting - probably about the only form of paper crafting I don't practise... yet?pap
  11. MichiK

    A5 sized Z Shorty microlayout

    (Still no progress what so ever here... I was completely occupied with the preparations and the afterpains of the Fürstenfeld model show. However, I've added at least some greenery to the mock up, because it was to be one of my exhibits. Pictures here in post #29. ...And of course: Thank you for the likes!)
  12. It happend that a friend pointed out to me the small printable Buildings by Brother quite at the same time as Rokuhan's Z Shorties started to become real. Using both together on a layout was the natural conclusion, so I started this project, which I'm confident I can 'finish' this year. This is the 1/300 scale mock up that I did while I was waiting for my KiHa to arrive: Nothing fancy, you see, but there's not that much space on an A5 sheet after all! And, of course, you'll have to imagine a few trees, and people, and cats, and road signs, and, and, and... I was, however, surprised how useful the mock up turned out to be, because it showed me how careful I have to place the elements to provide all the necessary clearances. A particularily tight area will be the warehouse in the upper right corner. Thak god, the KiHa hasn't really so much overhang in the outer curves as it seemed from photograps- 12mm clearance from the track centreline will suffice: So much for the moment! Michi
  13. Yes, just as Jeff suspected! But now I think I should cope. Michi
  14. MichiK

    The Introduction Thread...

    I shall certainly do so - as soon as I find out how to attach images!
  15. I seem to have no 'More Reply Options' Button. Is this a limitation for new members (such as me), and if so what do I have to do to become 'worthy' ? Michi