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  1. It happend that a friend pointed out to me the small printable Buildings by Brother quite at the same time as Rokuhan's Z Shorties started to become real. Using both together on a layout was the natural conclusion, so I started this project, which I'm confident I can 'finish' this year. This is the 1/300 scale mock up that I did while I was waiting for my KiHa to arrive: Nothing fancy, you see, but there's not that much space on an A5 sheet after all! And, of course, you'll have to imagine a few trees, and people, and cats, and road signs, and, and, and... I was, however, surprised how useful the mock up turned out to be, because it showed me how careful I have to place the elements to provide all the necessary clearances. A particularily tight area will be the warehouse in the upper right corner. Thak god, the KiHa hasn't really so much overhang in the outer curves as it seemed from photograps- 12mm clearance from the track centreline will suffice: So much for the moment! Michi
  2. Yes, just as Jeff suspected! But now I think I should cope. Michi
  3. The Introduction Thread...

    I shall certainly do so - as soon as I find out how to attach images!
  4. I seem to have no 'More Reply Options' Button. Is this a limitation for new members (such as me), and if so what do I have to do to become 'worthy' ? Michi
  5. The Introduction Thread...

    Hello! My name is Michael, I'm from Munich (Bavaria, Germany), got a wife and a son, and I'm a (more or less active) Z gauge modeler ever since the '70s. When I started work on a (yet unfinished) layout for my son and me I've chosen to use Rokuhan track for not having to ballast the tracks. Next I bought a DD51 to test what could be made of the chassis, and that's probably when the love bug bit! Thus, beside my european stuff, I have now acquired also a few japanese trains (and my boy owns a Shinkansen 500 to complement his ICE3), and with the release of Rokuhan's Z Shorties there are even more to come. We do have an asian section over at Z-Freunde international ,but to tell the truth the interest there in asian/japanese subjects is very limited. Therefore, I've come over here for those particular aspects. What else? I'm deep (really deep) into paper modeling, which - obviously - has a large overlap with the railway hobby. And I'm the proud servant of two cats, which is a good thing, too: Though by no means beeing a requirement, one or more 猫 greatly improve any 駅! So much for an introduction - all else will follow in the appropriate sections! Michi