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  1. Beginnings of T-Trak

    Okay, thank you! Maybe in the next couple months I'll have a module or two. Will post pictures when I manage to get something together.
  2. Beginnings of T-Trak

    Okay, good to know. So to work with the JRM set (Since I know not of anyone else reachable) just keep the spacing of the track and provide feeders? And I remember something from the meeting about inch high sides, but the website above mentions 2.3/4" sides, or 70 mm. Was that ever finalized? Should I go with the inch-high sides and have supports or spacers?
  3. Beginnings of T-Trak

    could I use the Kato feeder tracks instead of soldering my own connections? Or is soldering them a better idea and produces less resistance?
  4. Beginnings of T-Trak

    So, keep the tracks separate, and have a power drop every couple of metres. Makes sense and was kinda of what I was expecting. As for the DCC thing, there was a club at Timonium this weekend with a T-Trak layout. One loop had DCC running and one did not. Cannot say I've seen that too often.
  5. Beginnings of T-Trak

    something I'm not seeing on that website is wiring. In HCMR (HO scale club), our modules must have a wire underneath of the module for the two mainline tracks and a third one for sidings, a 12v DC wire, a standard 110 power strip or extension cord, and a Digitraxs compatible wire. Do we need a wire for each of the two mainlines or is power fed exclusively through the rails themselves?
  6. Beginnings of T-Trak

    So, technically, there are two standards. One for Light Rail and one for Heavy Rail, i.e. tram/mainline. Is the basic straight module the same as the 25 MM spacing specs but with 33 MM spacing? (Am ignoring curves, as I am still not sure what's going on with those.
  7. Beginnings of T-Trak

    That would be what I use, considering I'm running mainline instead of light-rail.
  8. Beginnings of T-Trak

    And we shal not say the word "standards" in the presence of JRM, as it is now a forbidden word due to the large amount of different "standards" among one setting. Gotta love modular.
  9. Beginnings of T-Trak

    Also true. Should have seen the...um..."heated discussion" at the meeting in January. (Mildly entertaining, but nothing new to me HCMR (my HO club) gets interesting as well). But if I wanted to have a set of ten straights and corners for my own setup (without using UniTram), just make things a litteral hair smaller than that widening section and I should be good?
  10. Beginnings of T-Trak

    So it fits perfectly without need for spacers or modifications?
  11. Beginnings of T-Trak

    I would like to build a T-Trak set to replace my current and rapidly aging (and failing) modular as well as to maybe offer to JRM if I manage to go to any events. How big of a sheet of 1/8" plywood should I get for a set of four standard straight modules? And can I fit a Kato 20-052 or it's left-hand mate on a standard T-Trak module? I have the dimensions, but am having trouble visualizing their size. Thanks!
  12. JRM at 2018 Sakura Matsuri

    did you get a chance to visit the massive HCMR layout in the East hall?
  13. Heavy Snow Weathering Attempt

    I will probably do most of mine, since that's what I'd like to theme my set around. Will be leaving at least two "sets" alone so I can run them on summer layouts, though.
  14. List of Japanese Model Train Online Retailers

    That's it. Sorry for not having a link. Was in mobile and couldn't figure out how to get it from the app.
  15. List of Japanese Model Train Online Retailers

    I found a guy on EBay based in the US who sells a lot of Japanese trains. Sometimes you get really good bargains on sets. Picked up my Seto coaches for 90 dollars! 'Tis where I found my older Tomic 0-series. Look for mcg4653. He's got some clothing and golf stuff as well, but mostly trains.