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  1. The video above is no longer available. -jnsarnold
  2. @miyakoji, Follow hints and bite. :) -jnsarnold
  3. Just PM to ask why? :) -jnsarnold
  4. Just PM and ask why. :) -jnsarnold
  5. Just PM and ask why. :) -jnsarnold
  6. Just ask why it isn't uploaded through PM. -jnsarnold
  7. Please ask why through PM. :) -jnsarnold
  8. @denshafan Thanks for the link. That would be useful if anyone wants to watch older episodes. I have also done a more thorough search of the web and found Episode 45 (Japan Railway Journal - Episode 45 - Driving Forward with Steam Oigawa Railway's Strategy). We now have no missing episodes and all are in 720P. To learn about why, please send me a PM. -jnsarnold
  9. In response to the potential flagging of videos, the links I have posted in previous posts have been removed. To learn about why, please send me a PM. Thank you. -jnsarnold
  10. @Ronny, Thanks for offering. I use a media player I bought online that can stream free (legal) channels. The only Japanese channel I get is NHK World (English). It has a setting to record. I have two different connections set up to record so it should be fine. :) @Ochanomizu, I shall refer you to the previous page of posts. Episode 45 is the Oigawa episode and it was not recorded. I will post it when there is a rerun. -jnsarnold
  11. @katoftw I will have to wait for a rerun of the Oigawa episode (Episode 45) to be able to post it. -jnsarnold
  12. @katoftw Sorry about the confusion. Since LeeC22 missed out on the Oigawa railway episode (which should be Episode 45), I have renamed Episode 45 by LeeC22 as Episode 46 in my downloads. So, in summary: Episode 45: Driving Forward with Steam: Oigawa Railway's Strategy Episode 46: Hokuriku Shinkansen Update: Re-assessing the Effects and Challenges 3 Years On Episode 47: JR OITA CITY The Station Complex that Changed the Game Again, I apologise for the confusion. -jnsarnold
  13. Hi everyone, Although this may be my first post, I would like to thank everyone that has supported this show on this site. This includes LeeC22 and all the people that have the episodes archived and are willing to share it when people need it. Without these people, we would not be able to watch this wonderful show produced by NHK whenever we want. As such, I would like to also contribute back to the community by trying to keep up with the episodes and post them here if I can. This starts with Episode 47 (JR OITA Station) this week. Note that these are recorded from the live NHK online channel in 720P and may occasionally have artefacts if my network connection falters during recording. I will try my best to avoid it by setting up stable network connections. I hope we can all continue to enjoy this wonderful show. Japan Railway Journal - Episode 47 - JR OITA CITY The Station Complex that Changed the Game -jnsarnold Edit: Due to potential flagging issues, the link has been removed. Please contact via PM to learn why.