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    Anything with an engine...or some kind of reactor...or both.

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About me? Hmm, how to do this without putting anyone to sleep...


Well, to put it shortly, I've lived in Kansas my whole life, but stayed in Japan with friends for a summer after graduating college back in 2010. My main interests are automotive related, but of course that same interest also spreads into aircraft, spacecraft, trains, ships, submarines, robotics (real and fictional), and pretty much any other mechanized things. I also enjoy drawing/painting/illustration. I guess I should probably also mention that I've studied Japanese too. I don't think I'm very fluent, but it has come in quite handy with reading comics...and instruction manuals of course.


Train wise, I currently have a small layout (28"x52") set up on a desk I modified in my room, and plan on modifying/expanding it a bit more soon.