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  1. Kato 10-1247 noisy run at speed

    Well I took a look at it today and found no space in the motor mount in which to fit a shim. However, I did find that the body wasn't clipping on to the frame quite all the way on one side. It was only off by a fraction of a millimeter, but once I got it to fit, the noise was all gone. I haven't let my guard down just yet though. Things I fix sometimes have a way of pretending to be fixed until they find the perfect moment to reveal the problem to still be there. But I've run it around a few laps both directions, and all seems to be well.
  2. Kato 10-1247 noisy run at speed

    I know it's been a while since the last post on this thread, but I've got a rather noisy Hankyu 9300 that I think I'll try that motor mount shim trick on. It was quiet out of the box...for about 30 seconds, then the growling started and got louder since. I'm pretty sure it's motor vibration too, cause it runs much quieter with the body shell and motor cover removed. I also tried Kato Uni-Clean oil on the gears like it says in the instructions, but that didn't seem do any good. Aside from the sound it sure runs good though. It's even annoyingly better at slow speed crawling than any of my DE10's, if only I could use it for switching, lol Here's a video of it I posted on Youtube:
  3. The Introduction Thread...

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'll try to post some bits from my adventures soon. As far as getting into model RRing, indeed I have! I started back into it when I found my old train stuff while helping my parents organize their basement last summer, and have been amazed at the advancements that have come along since the 90's. Currently I have a small (though probably large by Japanese standards) Unitrack layout around a television in my room, It's nothing terribly fancy, but I'll try to post some pics of it soon too.
  4. The Introduction Thread...

    Hi everyone! I'm from (and still reside in) Kansas, but have stayed in Japan for a summer years back. I've never traveled by rail in the states, but spent quite a lot of time on trains in Japan, including a night train (though I don't quite remember which one, or if it's still even in service since this was back in 2010) I remember one of my favorite things to see when traveling the countryside by rail (aside from the beautiful country side itself) was all the different types of freight equipment in yards and sidings along the route. I had never really noticed Japanese freight trains before, probably because they are so often overshadowed by shinkansens and other high tech passenger trains and trams. It was really cool to see how different they were from the trains I was used to seeing here in the states. In hindsight I should've made a point to visit some railway museums there, but I was too distracted by the automotive ones, lol. I did get to see a pretty cool steam engine on display next to a park near my friend's apartment though. Anyways, I've been a visitor to this forum many times since I got back into the hobby last spring, and have found it to be quite a helpful resource, so I reckoned I should join. Looking forward to asking many questions, as well as sharing my experiences in hopes of answering ones other people might have as well! -Justin