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  1. new NHK World show: Japan Railway Journal

    I watch Japan Railway Journal religiously. It's where I first came across the Shikishima Express. Does anybody know where the cafe/bar is that they used to use? It was filled with model trains. I'm guessing it is in Tokyo, but I don't know. Kurt
  2. N scale Japanese Lanterns

    Oh, yea. I am such a fan of Japanese gardens I built a Northwest/Japanese garden in by back yard. Finding good lanterns is difficult. I think I should take some photos for Toni and beg really softly for help. Kurt
  3. Hi from Michigan!

    Welcome aboard. I am also a new user here, but I have found the old timers to be extremely helpful and friendly. I think you will get lots of good suggestions on how to move forward with your Japanese railroading dreams. Kurt
  4. Tomix and DCC

    I should be able to handle that! (Maybe, my soldering skills are not first rate to say the least...practice, practice, practice.)
  5. Tomix and DCC

    Thanks, Paul. It sounds like most new (2015+) models should be able to be upgraded to DCC with about as much trouble as US locomotives.
  6. N scale Japanese Lanterns

    Thanks for the links, Bill. What I am really looking for are stone lanterns that would be found throughout a Japanese garden. I will keep looking.
  7. Tourist Train in Kansai Area

    The Eizen RR is my planned excursion. I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Tourist Train in Kansai Area

    I'm already planning to go to Mt Hiei, so it looks like I will be traveling via the Eiden. It looks beautiful. Part of my trip is to visit as many first class Japanese gardens as possible, and Shugakuin Imperial Villa seems to have one of note. Thanks for the video link. Kurt
  9. Tourist Train in Kansai Area

    The Sagano seems to be a good possibility. I have read a couple things about it that look interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. If I take it, I'll share photos afterwards. カート
  10. Tourist Train in Kansai Area

    It looks interesting, but I think it is a bit too far from Kyoto to make it over there. However, it is a possibility for a future trip! Thanks for the suggestion.
  11. Outland Models buildings

    I ordered three of their building, but I think I am going to use them as templates to draw up in Illustrator and then laser cut them with clean cut square windows and sharper details. I think I will also end up cutting them down to more than 3 stories for what I need. Once I get them done, I will share the results (good or bad...). To my eye, they look rather coarse as is on E-bay, but they have good possibilities. Kurt
  12. If I only have time for one tourist train ride while I am in the Kansai, which one should it be? I'll be there in August/September. Kurt
  13. Does anybody know a source for N scale Japanese lanterns? I want to incorporate a garden in my NTRAK module, but I can't find any lanterns. There was one included in a Tomytec onsen kit, but that isn't enough. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Kurt
  14. The Introduction Thread...

    Hi Everyone, Another new face around here. My name is Kurt Laidlaw and I live in the Pacific Northwest. I'm in my my very late 60's, but still young at heart. I am just getting interested in Japanese trains. I am an avid watcher of Japan Railway Journal and was seduced by the Shikashima Express train. It is such an exquisite train I wanted to book a trip on it. When I discovered the cost to travel on the real one, I decided it was better to buy the model. I run mostly on a club NTRAK layout, which is DCC, so anything I buy has to be converted if I am going to run it. I seem to mess up every conversion I do, so I have gotten to paying to have it done right the first time. I am sure I am going to have lots of questions as I delve into Japanese trains. On as slightly different note, I am excited to be going to Japan in late August/early September. I'll be in the Kansai for a couple weeks. If anybody can recommend a train store in Kyoto or Osaka (hopefully where somebody speaks English) I would love see what is available on the shelves. Kurt
  15. Tomix and DCC

    So in the years since this thread started has any definitive decision been reached whether Tomix eats decoders? I'm new to the world of Japanese trains (just bought my first one (Kato 10-1447 the Shikashima Express). I am looking at a Tomix Kiha 47-0, but before I spring for it, I want to be relatively sure I can convert it to DCC. Also, someone on the thread said they purchaced through a Tomix dealer who offers DCC conversion. I can't find the original post right now, but would love to know who the dealer is. Kurt