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  1. chadbag

    Seibu Keisatsu

    I've not seen that. Almost like a Japanese "Hawaii 5 0"
  2. chadbag

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Yeah, look around (to no-one in particular). I recently got the 10-399 AND the Cassiopeia EF81 (colorful one) as a set on Yahoo Auctions through ZenMarket for around $65 plus a little in shipping and their obligatory 300 yen fee. It was marked as used but is basically new. So look around. Things like that show up now and then with reasonable prices.
  3. chadbag

    M-497 "Black Beetle" - Jet powered train

    Btw, here is a good image of one that looks similar:
  4. chadbag

    M-497 "Black Beetle" - Jet powered train

    It appears from the Buyee photos that the "antenna" is really a pitot tube: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitot_tube
  5. chadbag

    MicroAce - New Releases

    I don't have an E926 yet. Would like one but not high on my priority list and have a moratorium on non-essential purchases right now. I had the ow down on one that was reasonably priced a few months ago but it went before I was ready. Someday.
  6. On the way back to the US you get a customs form to fill out. It has all the details. IIRC each person in your party gets an $800 exemption so you declare your trains etc on the form and as long as you don't have more than a total of $800 per person in your party (no need to delegate out costs to a specific person) you just hand it to them, they ask a few questions, they stamp it, you go to the exit and hand it to someone, and you walk out. (Each airport may have a slightly different process, detail wise, but that is the general gist of it).
  7. I solved that "Problem" with a pre-order for the newer Rilakkuma Yamanote-line for my daughter for her birthday next Winter (or some excuse) to go with the Sumikko Gurashi one.
  8. chadbag

    Two week old Tomix E2 Yamabiko dead

    I am not familiar with the Tomix controller. Is this a short-circuit detected type thing where it shows a red light when a short is detected?
  9. DM Toys package with a few small items came a few days ago. 3 different backgrounds from Gaugemaster and some Busch and Fleischmann DB decals. --
  10. Just a note. You can also pick up the ICOCA cards at the airport and they even have a bundle with a JR ticket from the airport. Also, ICOCA and SUICA cards are interchangeable in terms of use. So if you land in Tokyo, and get a SUICA card, it will work fine in Osaka area where ICOCA is the standard. And vice versa. We have ICOCA cards and we used and filled them at SUICA stations in Tokyo with no issue.
  11. chadbag

    M-497 "Black Beetle" - Jet powered train

    After you glue it in you could use modelers putty to fill in the seam and then sand. Or something like that. The real modelers in the group can fill in the details.
  12. chadbag

    Kato - New Releases

    May only be available at the KATO Shop but it seems they have run anothe set of EVA 500 Shinkansen and have fixed some prototype issues seems lights are also pre-installed or something)
  13. Ah, ok, so there people would get used to it. Thanks for the info!
  14. One question about all the driverless automatic driving metro and train systems out there: How many people realize they are driverless? I think most people don't know. Airport shuttle trains are the ones (plus the Disney monorails which I assume are driverless since you can sit in the nose and they are not high-cab) I know I've ridden that are driverless. I think all the others we just assume there is no driver. People don't think about it. If they did, there might be more hesitancy.
  15. Nice. Always nice to find things in a deal. I have an Arnold BR111 in Lufthansa livery I got on a deal. . I need to find some affordable coaches.