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  1. It doesn't have to be the Band's ads itself -- just the dudes in it. They really are in a very high percentage of ads for every conceivable product from cooking oil to cars, beer to cell phones, to mobile games, to whatever else. I am not really pushing it -- just saying that to be accurate 🙂 Babymetal would be a fun ad to put up. (Btw, they have a LINE channel and push stuff regularly to it)
  2. You guys need to get "Arashi" billboards and signs. (Band -- most popular in the Universe if you are a Japanese female of any age). They (the members) are on about 1/2 of all ads and billboards and TV ads in Japan it seems.
  3. Amazing engineering. It was funny. A few of the little guys started to derail and the project manager said to let them be, they would just get pulled along for the ride.
  4. if it were small, it looks like something from a gasha pon.
  5. It's all a conspiracy to get hobbyists to have to buy more trainsets (as new ones are released representing the new trains going into services replacing old ones).
  6. I also heard that while it was the fastest, that was only on straight track. It had to slow down more than other Shinkansen on curved track. ETA: FWIW the link comes up for me
  7. Is it the newer Prius or the older body style? If the newer one, then definitely, you should. Anything is an improvement 😉
  8. Of course, it all depends on how long your pass is (they come in only week increments) and how long your stay is... We are always based in Osaka, but sometimes fly into Tokyo (usually Narita) due to the often huge differential in price of flying into Kansai vs. Narita. We use the pass to take the Narita Express and transfer onto a Shinkansen down to Osaka. It is good that there are a variety of options to meet each person's needs. I should try the Keisei Skyliner just for the experience one of these days. (When the price differential is $100 extra to fly directly to Kansai, we fly to Kansai as that is only $400 more for 4 people, and saves the trip from and and back to Tokyo. When the difference is $400 per person, we are talking "real money", and then we fly into Tokyo and take the Shinkansen. Since we have the pass anyway, the only cost is "time")
  9. Find me a reasonably priced one (maybe the red era V one) and I just might get it 🙂 I ordered a minitrix BR101 with sound and also some BR147 TRAXX engines so can run multiple IC. 🙂 Eventually. When it all comes in and I can afford multiple IC car sets. I am way over budget so have mostly stopped buying stuff except some pre-orders that have been in for months. But a reasonably priced Steuerwagen might convince me otherwise.
  10. chadbag

    Nozomi super express recommendations

    Thanks for the clarification. The Sanyo may be JR West run line, but the Nozomi (and Hikari trainsets past Shin-Osaka) are JR Central trainsets. I don't know if they switch crew (I doubt it but don't know) at Shin-Osaka. The JR West trainsets are colored differently, the crew have different JR West uniforms, and the equivalent service (terminating at Shin-Osaka) are Mizuho (Nozomi) and Sakura (Hikari). The Wikipedia article implies that the Hikari runs all the way to Hakata but looking at Hyperdia. all non-Nozomi routes require a switch (which Hyperdia usually schedules for Shin-Kobe or Okayama). I think there was a time when Hikari did run all the way to Hakata, as I recall taking some trains from Shin-Osaka all the way down that were the white/blue JR Central ones and the (nicer) Sakura trains were infrequent. Maybe the frequency of Sakura went up and so they stopped running Hikari all the way through. My travels would have been 2007-2011 probably. I don't think I have been past Hiroshima, going south, since around that time. I don't know how it is now, but the Sakura N700 (and the former Hikari Railstar 700 by JR West ?) were 2+2 seating in the reserved section instead of 2+3 like on the Hikari N700 and nicer overall interiors. The first N700 I rode, when they were new and just used on Nozomi by JR Central, was a Sakura. It was really impressive.
  11. chadbag

    Nozomi super express recommendations

    Well Said @JR 500系 Just for interest: The Nozomi service is the fastest service (in terms of time to get to where you want to go, not top speed) on the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansens (run by JR Central). Today it is pretty much exclusively N700 models I believe (and they are NOT JR Pass eligible). The Hikari service is the next level of service on the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen. Also mostly N700 series trains. The major difference between Nozomi and Hikari is the frequency of service (Nozomi runs more times per hour usually) and the Hikari stops in a couple extra stations (say between Osaka and Tokyo). Because it stops a few extra times, the total trip is a little longer than on the Nozomi. I believe the trains themselves (when using the same series equipment) travel at the same top speeds, etc. where possible and the major difference is the number of stops. The Hikari IS JR Pass eligible. On the Tokaido / Sanyo Shinkansen, the slowest service is the Kodama (Also JR Pass eligible). These (usually) stop at every station on the Shinkansen lines and so take much longer to make the trip from Osaka to Tokyo. While the difference between the Nozomi and Hikari on the Osaka -- Tokyo run is in the 10s of minutes, the Kodama service is hours longer. Most Kodama services are shorter routes though there are, I believe, Kodama that go on the longer routes as well. The primary purpose of the Kodama is to service the smaller cities, and allow residents of these smaller cities to have Shinkansen service (and to transfer to the faster Hikari and Nozomi services at the bigger stations -- used as feed Shinkansen). Today, the 500, 700, and N700 series trains are used on Kodama services. (Originally the 500 was a Nozomi level train but was moved to Kodama when newer trainsets because available and fit in their timetables better). JR West runs equivalent services (as far north as Osaka). The Sakura is the same level as the Hikari, and the Mizuho is the same level as the Nozomi (and has the same JR Pass restrictions).
  12. chadbag

    Nozomi super express recommendations

    Most of the ones that run now on that line are N700 based.
  13. chadbag

    Turkish Railways

    Turkish HST https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCDD_HT65000 Based on a RENFE Spanish EMU by Alstom https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TCDD_HT80000 A Siemens Velaro variant. general HST in Turkey https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-speed_rail_in_Turkey Turkish State Railways https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_State_Railways
  14. Got this on eBay. New Minitrix IC Steuerwagen and 2 IC wagen set. Will be put with my Arnold IC Wagens and, for now, my Fleischmann BR101. The Arnold and the Minitrix Wagens don't look that bad together though I don't yet have pics of them on the rails. I just hand compared them (no pics).
  15. chadbag

    General Sales / Auctions Thread

    modeltrainstuff.com is having a KATO sale. Most of their stuff is the US trains, but they have some platforms and other buildings greatly reduced. And their track has a discount during the sale as well https://www.modeltrainstuff.com/search?tag=kato-spring-sale&utm_source=MTS+Newsletter&utm_campaign=048fa7f09c-ModelTrainStuff_Weekly_Newsletter_5_13&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fab01ea610-048fa7f09c-11141105&mc_cid=048fa7f09c&mc_eid=f2b2bdb133#perpage:300 ETA: from the newsletter on track: