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  1. US Style Unitram

    I have two Kato V60 North American sets as well as all of their Japanese sets. In order to create a modular street track and road plate system with as few as possible molded parts, Kato made many design choices and compromises (such as the narrowing of the turn lane discussed above). The two different track widths (25mm & 33mm) for the 45deg curves was another strange and interesting choice. Surprisingly, after setting up many Japanese trackplans, I now greatly appreciate Kato’s cleverness in these choices and compromises. Many of the Kato choices were necessary in order to create a void-free system with accurate street printing. Competitor Tomytek’s system is geometrically more simplistic, creating voids and avoiding printing. However this allows Tomytek more flexibility for the experienced modeler and for parallel running of busses. I think the V60 is also very good, given Kato’s choice of ~post-1980 North American street markings (versus ~1950) and their constraint of changing only the printing on the Japanese molded parts. Some accuracy compromises are necessary in locating the specially-molded North American traffic lights, parking meters, posts, newspaper stands, etc... into the provided holes. I am hoping for North American versions of some of the most necessary extension sets or parts. I am also hoping for some North American trams. I have a You Tube video on my V60: KATO UNITRAM V60 Accessorized