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  1. tavora

    Wall Framed Layout

    Good news - Just received all the track I need to finish my layout. 😀 Now the bad news - Had a water pipe leaking in my living room ceiling 🙁, which means all the ceiling come down. 😡 So for now the wall frame layout is on hold 🤬. My priority is to fix the ceiling with new plasterboard, wait for it to fully dry and then decorate all the room. God knows how long this will take.😱
  2. I haven't had any issues. But their instruction manual states the following DC controllers: if you have an old DC controller please check with us first. The best advice we can give is check the voltage output of the track supply – if it is less than 15V you should be fine! We haven’t tested the Pendolino with every possible controller out there but we have noticed that some controllers sold as suitable for N output more than 15V at maximum speed so please check! DCC sound decoders: the DCC sound fitted sets should have stickers on warning you not to run your DCC sound decoder-fitted Pendolinos on controllers outputting more than 15V, if you do you may well blow the sound decoder! I use my Kato DC controller but never in maximum speed. Your friend might be having issues due to the voltage being above the recommended 15V, this might lead to glitches in the sound or even blow the sound decoder (stated above).
  3. tavora

    Wall Framed Layout

    Yes I did run the new Virgin Pendolino , unfortunately I didn't had time to take proper photos so they are out of focus.😡 I wanted to check if all the track pieces would fit nicely or not. I was quite surprised that all the track fits like a glove and without strange angles (no rail gaps). Yes after measuring the track layout I did leave extra room, Jef. I thought it was necessary in case of derailment and like you say "It may come in handy down the road" 😉
  4. tavora

    Wall Framed Layout

    Been a while since I posted anything in this thread.😶 Yesterday I was able to try my kato track layout in the kitchen floor 🤗. Still missing the inside oval track and yard in the middle, but my intention was to confirm the measurements (width and length) for the plywood base board. Getting there slowly. 🙄
  5. I just received the Rapido/Revolution Trains - Virgin Pendolino. Might not be japanese but the product is highly detailed, very smooth and quiet run. In terms of quality this product is at the same level as an Kato/Tomix product. 😀
  6. I'm still waiting for mine too. I don't know their timetable for the second run, but I know that the next run will have different liveries making them special too.
  7. tavora

    Funny humor from amazon.co.jp for KOKI models

    Are you sure it's amazon.jp and not a sex/adult shop?
  8. tavora

    My Temporary Setups - Mostly Trains!

    mmm... does that mean we have a lot of "the doctor" fans around here.
  9. tavora

    What did you do on your layout today?

    Jeff is a very busy bee, he never stops.
  10. tavora

    Wall Framed Layout

    Got it mate, thanks.
  11. tavora

    Wall Framed Layout

    Ok I see what you mean. There is a gap between the pier and the viaduct (at both ends). I though in using the thin ply to do a rectangular part that will sit on the top of the pier to fill all the that gap. At the same time using the existing holes in the viaduct (under the track) put 2 small bolts on each side from the viaduct though the ply and screwing it under the pier locking up all the parts through the viaduct. Do you mean ply under through all the viaduct? And not using the original Kato piers? The weather is going crazy everywhere in the world Snow shovels? We have the army helping us.
  12. tavora

    What did you do on your layout today?

    That's really nice, should look amazing when all together.
  13. tavora

    Wall Framed Layout

    You were right Jeff, I just found a M2 bolt, washer and nut, tried it out and there isn’t enough gap in the pier for the washer only just for the nut. I found a supplier for the full threaded M2 steel rod/studs. From the search that I’ve made the M2 bolts long enough for this project are harder to find and more expensive than the rods. So with the piers locked this way I shouldn’t expect the 3 s-joiners on the piers to be strong enough to hold the viaduct firmly in place. Station/track vs Plates The track, plates and the station are going to be bolted between themselves. Then the hole station bolted to the baseboard. Plates vs Piers and Piers vs Viaduct Probably each pier will have to be bolted to the plate to lock it firmly (like Jeff suggested). I will try to avoid counter sink once like you say it weakens the internal structure. I still have a long way to go till I get to testing part of it. I hope you have better weather to start the club new layout Jeff, here everything came to a stop in the UK with this so called “Best From The East” (snow and very low temperatures) and the “Storm Emma” (high winds and rain). I will look forward to hear about your progress. That’s a good idea inobu I presume that you are guessing that I’m going to use foam as baseboard. Correct me if I’m wrong. I still think ply is better for my project. More weight but that’s the compromise.
  14. tavora

    Wall Framed Layout

    mmm I suspected that too. One more thing to be tested when I start to put it all together. I will keep the hot glue suggestion in mind mate . "Btw. imho the threaded rods are a great idea!" Yes I think the threaded rods is the way forward. Personal projects aside I think we are all here to share and find solutions that might be useful for everyone in the future.