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  1. Great design looking forward how the end result looks like. I am sceptical though if this would replace the 251 series because: While the 251 is already older then 25 years only 2 E261 8 car formations are going to be built while the 251 has 4 sets in 10 car formations. 1 set of E261 (164 seats) has only around 33% of the capacity of 1 set of 251 (499 seats). The seat arrangement of 1+2 and 1+1 + the 3 special cars looks like it's more of an luxery train like the Kintetsu 50000 which could mean it might not replace anything at all and just get added as extra service. It's more likely that the E261 is going to replace the last 2 Izukyu 2100's and or the 1 E259 on the marine express service even though the izukyu 2100 7 car set (other is 8 car) already has 332 seats (double the amount of E261), but it is older then the 251 and they have already retired 2 and converted 1 into the royal express. The Izu Craile is by 2020 only 4 years old from the 651 series modification so it's unlikely it will get replaced anytime soon.
  2. Also the upcoming Tokyu 6020 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyu_6020_series https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DL6_74mUEAA0tz_.jpg If wiki is correct they will be express along with the tokyu 6000, also interesting is the note that the tokyu 6000's are going to be lengthed to 7 cars.
  3. https://mainichi.jp/graphs/20171130/hpj/00m/040/002000g/1