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  1. My temporary unfinished layout

    I have some EF65's and I may at some point branch out and get some EF63's but I definitely have a soft spot for the EF64's. I just ordered my first EF64-0.
  2. My temporary unfinished layout

    The table is 38.5 inches x 74.5 inches. It was made to that size so that it would fit in drawer that went underneath my bed. My father built the bed. I intended to have trains climbing into the mountains with that loop. Unfortunately the loop is 9 3/4 inch radius with a 4% climb. Though the Kato and Tomix locomotives handle it well. Close up of my locomotive collection in the yard.
  3. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I had been looking to add an EF64-0 to my collection. I couldn't spend the ~$130+ they are listed for on ebay these days. I just learned about modeltrainplus through the forum and found an EF64-0 in stock at good price. Ordered Tomix 9101 EF64-0 I would have liked the Tomix 9102 seventh edition variant but I'm still excited to get my hands on the Tomix 9101.
  4. I wanted to share my current Nscale setup. It is a layout I started building with my father 20 years ago when I first started in N-Scale. I started university shortly after and didn't have time to continue the layout. I did still continue running trains but with Kato track setup on the dinning room table. Back then I also didn't have the building skills I have now. I decided to get it out of my parents house recently, set it up on some saw horses and run some temporary wiring to it. My daughter enjoys sitting with me and running trains on it. It is designed for DC with block wiring. Unfortunately at this point I don't think I will continue building it past what it is. This was started before I discovered Japanese trains. I've learned quite a bit about railroads since it was built and I wish I would have put a 3-4 track station in front. I could potentially see adding an under-frame so that I could widen the layout a bit and add the station there. Sitting on the layout is my collection of EF64s, EF65s, an EF510 and an EH500.
  5. Bugatti railcars

    Thanks for sharing. After reading about the Bugatti I found the home button and the rest of the site has some fantastic content.
  6. I am selling a few trains from my collection so that I can acquire models more in line with areas of Japan that interest me. They are all beautiful models that I hate to let go but they don't get the run time they deserve and don't have a lot of run time on them. All of them are in near new condition with their stickers unused and accessories unused still in the bags. Paypal is preferred. I estimate shipping for one model to be around $9 USD for regular mail in the US, $14 USD for priority mail in the US, $22 USD World Wide. Of course I will give you the actual shipping charges and combine shipping charges. PM me if you are interested. I would be interested in a trade if you have a Tomix EF64-0 in blue livery. Something like: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10108753 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10134225 Tomix Kiha58 Hiroshima Area Tomix #92948 2 sets available. The boxes do have tape on the sides where they used to be sealed. Set #2 has the residue of a price sticker on the front of the box. Kato Train 205 Series Saikyo Line Color Kato #10-481 Kato 700 Series Shinkansen Nozomi Kato #10-397
  7. Hello from Detroit Michigan

    Thank you for the warm welcomes. As far as getting into Japanese n scale I would say I am already there. My collection of Japanese locomotives numbers 14 and I am looking at getting some more. It started when long ago when the 100 Series Grand Hikari showed up in a local hobby shop. After a few bullet trains I started studying the more conventional Japanese trains and then the D51 and Kiha 40 got my attention.
  8. Hello from Detroit Michigan

    Hello my name is Roland, I am Swiss but I live outside of Detroit Michigan. My primary interest and the model train layout I am planning is HO scale SBB (Swiss Federal Railway). Though I am here because Japanese N-Scale will always have a special place in my heart. Some of the Japanese trains that I enjoy the most: EF64 Locomotives D51 Steam Locomotives KIHA40 DMUs