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  1. disturbman

    What did you do on your layout today?

    Looks fantastic :)
  2. disturbman

    Tsubojiri (sort of) - Japanese micro 'N' gauge

    I would be curious to see a trackplan :)
  3. disturbman

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    It is one of JR Hokkaido special DMUs, Kiha 59 Peppermint Express. You can see a group shot of these consists here. The Peppermint Express ran in the 90s. The same unit also ran as four-car Furano Express and Continental Express. MA made a model of these too. The Peppermint Express is A1961. The Furano Express was released about a year or two ago. The others 12 years ago. I definitely would love some more of these special consists. I like this train a lot more than the Yufuin no Mori.
  4. disturbman

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Just picked up a package from my local post office and got surprised by how the bookcase was wrapped. A piece of thin protective wrapping held together by brown tape. Could see the bookcase through it. Quite a change from the usually careful packing I am used to from Japan. On the plus side, it meant I did not had to go to the custom or pay taxes on the package. Wonder what triggers the Zoll, it seems pretty random, often based on the look of the package. The fastest delivery I ever had so far with buyee was with a set packed inside an Amazon box. Cleared the custom in Frankfurt in a matter of hours. The model is a beauty, amazingly still came in one piece without visible damage to either the bookcase nor the set. ;) Now the question is how does it run? It is quite an old set.
  5. disturbman

    What did you do on your layout today?

    Indeed, some of those MA sets are pretty expensive. I have been looking at them myself.
  6. disturbman

    What did you do on your layout today?

    Love it Densha! I wish I had such a complete JR Shikoku fleet. I can't wait for Kato 2000 Series. But aren't you missing a couple of consists? As far as I remember, the Seto-Ohashi Line sees/has also seen regular 113 Series and Kiha 185 Series service. Without counting the Sunrise Seto.
  7. Indeed they are, except for a few Micro Ace passenger cars. I have had clearance issues installing body-mounted TN couplers on a Micro Ace A1578 Express Hakkoda set. The couplers were getting in the way of bogies rotation. I am planning to try bogie-mounted for this set, but usually the installation is pretty straightforward and easy.
  8. disturbman

    Sankei Miniatuart kit: Diorama MP03-38 Shrine

    Agreed, Sankei kits should have minimal light leaking through walls. What is possible though is that the light might leak from the joints between the different plates/walls.
  9. disturbman

    Germany Trip - Berlin and Hamburg

    Have a good trip!
  10. disturbman

    Joint European Order to US?

    We do, we do. Even if we live in Germany.
  11. disturbman

    Germany Trip - Berlin and Hamburg

    There is plenty. Depends what you are up for and where you will be. I mostly can recommend restaurants in and around the southeastern quadrant of the inner city. Which is not really a tourist attraction, except perhaps for the western side of Tempelhofer Feld. Which by the way, you apparently can book visits of the old Tempelhof airport. I have heard it is pretty interesting. There is also the famous "subway cabrio" if you want to travel through Berlin's subway tunnels on a passenger flatcar.
  12. disturbman

    What is this livery?

    Indeed, just look at the last car on the picture right under the one mentioned by Gryphr, the last car of that 485 consist seems to be some commuter stock. Probably a 103 cab car.
  13. disturbman

    Suburban Tokyo Themed Layout

    Several. You could leave a single track/sinding without catenary for easier manipulation, or a cassette system. Though I am not sure it would be ideal for 15-car long consists.
  14. disturbman

    Suburban Tokyo Themed Layout

    Alternatively, you could also only keep some trains in their storage boxes and rotate the consists in and out of the yard/layout.
  15. disturbman

    Germany Trip - Berlin and Hamburg

    That is quite normal, when you live somewhere you don't do the usual attractions. Many Parisians never went up the Eiffel Tower or to the Louvre. There is a lot of Japanese restaurants owned by Japanese in Berlin, and quite a lot of good ones. I can recommend a number of addresses. For example Cocolo in Kreuzberg or Mitte that produce its own ramen noodles. Or Mamecha café in Mitte. Berlin is no Düsseldorf but still, there is a big community.