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  1. I did some online shopping and bought a new set of replacement truck wheels for my pickup. Aside from that, I got myself a Taiko no Tatsujin game and drum controller. It's in Japanese but I think I can manage it since I used to play it in Sega game center.
  2. densha17

    Snow problem...

    How can it look so dangerous yet so fun at the same time?
  3. densha17

    3 Day Japan Excursion

    Sounds like a very interesting trip to Japan. I envy your journey! Kinda curious what did you do in the Philippines.
  4. densha17

    Trains in anime/manga

    You can also add the JR Line from Makoto Shinkai's "Your Name" and that train from his other film "5cm Per Second".
  5. I haven't seen one in person. I thought it would be overhyped and popular.
  6. densha17

    Okayama Korakuen Bus

    Thanks a lot. I'm just using Google Maps to determine which line should I take to get to my destination. So I really appreciate that you gave me an alternative.
  7. densha17

    A Cool Place to Eat on Enoden

    I actually found a couple more pics of Kamakura station and Yuigahama Shopping street in Instagram.
  8. densha17

    Okayama Korakuen Bus

    I'm actually amazed that you guys were able to memorize the Line to take. When I was in Tokyo I find it hard to look for the right platform.
  9. I would love to have those three paper crafts; Asakaze (Blue), Twilight Express (Green), and Yoshitsunego Kikansha (Black).
  10. densha17

    Okayama Korakuen Bus

    Now I need to know how to get to Okayama Prefecture from Narita. Would like to see the place in person.
  11. densha17

    My new mini layout

    That looks a good idea. Were you able to finish this one?
  12. I enjoy watching the videos. Thanks for sharing!
  13. densha17

    Silly Japanese Trains

    For someone who likes cats, Tama Densha would definitely make me giggle. I love the seats' pattern.
  14. densha17

    Akita 90's

    Interesting. I'll try Tumblr or Pinterest if I can find some reference photos.
  15. Try TamTam Hobby Shop in Akihabara.