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  1. Prototypical Busses for Central Tokyo

    There's a plastic Tomytec one, and IIRC a diecast Kyosho one came out a while back. If we're going down the coach bus route, there are various airport buses (e.g. the orange "Friendly Airport Limousine" ones) and a whole variety of long distance coaches. But don't ask me about availablity as models.
  2. What did you do on your layout today?

    Today I didn't add interior lighting to this cheapo Tomix building - it was sunlight falling through the window at just the right angle to make it suddenly start glowing. Natural lighting by Rail Squid, on Flickr
  3. EF58 Kato? Tomix? Other?

    More precisely neither Kato nor Tomix have produced the old-style EF58 in any scale.
  4. EF58 Kato? Tomix? Other?

    As far as I can tell, the only current HO model of the old-style EF58 is produced by Tenshodo, and that looks a lot more advanced than this one. The only other HO models appear to have been motorizable plastic kits by Eidai (永大) and Ootaki (オオタキ) respectively, see this page: http://ef58.info/EF58/toy/58-toy.html These two pages: https://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/robin99robo/7642737.html http://shinshonan.exblog.jp/23055272/ show the Eidai version in more detail. I'd bet it's a heavily modified version of one of those kits.
  5. Article in a British magazine series produced in the 1930s and available online: http://www.railwaywondersoftheworld.com/railways-japan.html
  6. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Tomix 115-1000 series, a somewhat obscure 4-car set which ran on the Chuo Line in the late JNR era: Tomix 115-1000 series by Rail Squid, on Flickr It's possibly from 2001 or 2005 production lots, set was in mint condition, just the motor car was a bit rattly so the patent Railsquid fix was promptly applied: Tomix 115-1000 series by Rail Squid, on Flickr and it runs much more nicely. I have before/after videos where the difference is quite audible, will edit and upload some time.
  7. EF58 Kato? Tomix? Other?

    Pretty sure neither Kato nor Tomix have produced the EF58 in HO. I wonder if it's a plastic kit which has been motorized?
  8. Tram line plan

    It was definitely sticking a bit on the tram track curves. The section of tramline which which will feature the 103mm curves is operationally only capable of handling the smaller trams anyway so not a problem, was just curious if it would go round at all...
  9. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    Right, just given the same treatment to another late 90s Tomix EMU with essentially the same chassis design which was also a bit rattly-screechy (but not as much as the 500 series) and it's now silky smooth.
  10. Making sense of TaKis

    The line from Matsumoto to Nagano is a nice trip and you get to go through the incomparably named Obasute Station *cf. Ubasute).
  11. Applying Decals to a Kato E231 - Any tips?

    Never claimed it was easy ;) Never claimed I've done this for rolling stock either, though plenty for buildings. Pictures?
  12. How did you improve your rolling stock?

    I like fixing things, makes a change from the tedious amount of mountain building I seem to have got myself into. Anyway it's been running round and round quite happily for 30 odd minutes and responds with a beautiful surge of speed when you turn the dial all the way to 11 so feeling very satisfied with this.
  13. Tram line plan

    As I had nothing better to do... In order of appearance: Modemo Tokyo Toden 6000 series Modemo Tokyo Toden 8800 series Modemo Enoden 100 series Kato Duewag Tram Kato Portram Tomytec LRT-04 tram chassis Tomytec TM-10 chassis Fleischmann BR212 Controller is an old Tomix one which doesn't have good low-speed control. I suspect the LRT-04 chassis would be less happy running with an actual body on it.