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  1. Hi, As part of a project unrelated to Japanese N, I am looking for some HO stainless steel undec Athearn cars. These are quite hard to find in the UK but I know there are some American enthusiasts on this forum who might be able to help! Undecorated examples in the old "Blue boxes" are preferred but other plain silver versions with minimal markings (ATSF, CB&Q etc) are fine too. Built or unbuilt, I'll take them as long as they are complete. In case you are wondering they will be going in to Penn Central paint.
  2. Lighted Shinkansen causing short?

    I have fixed it now...the springs that connect the light boards to the metal chassis plate had got tangled. The coach, btw, was surprisingly easy to disassemble compared to some other N-scale stuff I've seen. On one of the other coaches however I've had to hold the light board in place with blu- tack as the constant flicker was annoying me...
  3. Hi I have a 100 series power car missing the trademark 'fin' on the roof. I know it's only a small part but does anyone here have one they could send me?
  4. Hello I have bought a lighted 100 series Shinkansen from buyee. However, it has been causing me problems. One of the double deck cars (2817) appears to be shorting the train out and it will not move whilst the car is on the track. Once it is removed, the train works as it should do. Any ideas? Furthermore, has anyone got spares of those little "fins" on the roof of the driving car? One of mine has lost it's, and it really annoys me.
  5. Noisy Micro Ace

    Thanks for the replies guys! (Sorry I've took so long to respond, I'm not terribly good at forum posting!) I will have a look for suitable lubricants. Not sure how I feel about taking apart my rare and potentially expensive to replace EF55 but lubrication is definitely on the agenda. It is running as I type and it has got somewhat quieter since it first arrived.
  6. Noisy Micro Ace

    In case anyone is wondering it is an A1501 (as opposed to the newer update which is A1505 I believe. Again, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with it aside from the noise. I'll try lubricant.
  7. Noisy Micro Ace

    Hi I received a (second-hand) Micro Ace EF55 yesterday. It is in more or less mint condition but it is quite noisy. Very noticably so, in fact, compared to my EF57 (which I bought new a few months ago). Is it simply because the EF55 is a few years old and has a bigger/less efficient motor or is something wrong with it? Is there some way I can fix it (it runs fine otherwise)?
  8. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Terrible photo, but I sniped a MA EF55 off Buyee for just £35 and it arrived today. I'm very happy with it though it is quite noisy. I say arrived, but I had to pay £13 customs at post office to pick it up. I don't object to the VAT, just the handling charge. I've since discovered I can change the invoice on Buyee so a C62 I've ordered will be disguised as a book...don't tell Her Maj! (Incidentally I found buying with Buyee very easy and simple and I have used them since. It's a lot more reasonable IF you buy on the 'lite' plan...)
  9. Interesting Ebay Find.

    I watch UK eBay like a hawk for Japanese N gauge stuff; it doesn't pop up very often but it is a cost-effective way of getting it. This has just been listed: https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Boxed-tomy-tomix-n-scale-2101-locomotove-/263265496001?hash=item3d4bd8abc1%3Ag%3AwH4AAOSw4BxZ5I-R&_trkparms=pageci%3A5c665e36-b38e-11e7-8666-74dbd1802be4%7Cparentrq%3A2c8d212f15f0ab64c33e02a3fff950de%7Ciid%3A3 It is a fairly crude representation of an ED75, but I believe it to be one of Tomix's very first models from the 1970s or possibly 80s. Is it rare or collectible at all? PS- there's also a Kato Kowloon Transit train up at the moment, currently going for £240! I believe these are like hen's teeth though.
  10. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Two Oha 61s turned up today courtesy of loco1hobby. I couldn't be happier, for the price they were an absolute bargain. They look great with my EF57! Next stop- Japanese steam...
  11. WANTED! - Kato EF58 Numbers

    Hi I recently purchased a Kato EF58 (Blue, late colour); it was like new but has no numbers included. Has anyone got any they are willing to send me? I can't find them to buy separately. Thanks
  12. Hi I have seen models of plenty of Asian railway systems but never North Korea, which aside from it the *interesting* political situation surrounding it at the moment, has a fairly interesting railway network with pockets of steam operation and some interesting DIY trains, such as the former German metro cars converted to heavy-rail EMUs. Is there any possibility of modelling North Korea in N without having to totally build everything from scratch? In ready to run terms, there is the M62 available and Piko's RZD coaches which could be Koreanified with fairly little effort, but is there anything else available from obscure Chinese manufactures etc.? Small note- American and Japanese users of this forum would be surprised that in the UK, adverts for rail holidays to the DPRK can often be seen in railway magazines. Quite a few people go on these trips and thus photos of North Korean railway equipment is fairly easy to find.
  13. Might have been a TTS sound one in all fairness which would add £20 or so on to the price, but I'm not sure reboxed Lima should be £60 in the first place. That's worrying to hear about the Schools Class. I don't have one but I thought the mazak rot issue was confined to Super detail 31s and T9s. I have a lot of Hornby, that mazak rot better not come anywhere near my A4s!
  14. Got one! At a good price too- only £33 plus a fiver P&P. If I'd have realised what good value for money Japanese N gauge was I'd have got in to it sooner- I know model railways are expensive but the prices Hornby etc. are charging for new locos are starting surpass Japanese HO levels. Bit OT but I went in a model shop yesterday and spotted a new Hornby Railroad Class 31 for £80- not bad for a diesel you think, until you realise that it's just reboxed Lima from the 80s!
  15. On part of my layout I would like a siding running parallel to the main line. I have had a look around the main UK unitrack distributors but as a student on a budget I can't really justify £25-30 on one turnout. I wonder if anyone here has one? Condition doesn't matter as long as it is functional and there is nothing obviously wrong with it.