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  1. Hi all, It's probably a long shot, but I'm looking for Kato 10719-3 TGV Renfe "AVE 100 https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/xfsAAOSw6dNWTIiY/s-l1600.jpg Or Kato 10719-1 TGV Renfe "AVE 100" https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/mfEAAOSwT4lWTIma/s-l1600.jpg Have one for sale? Please let me know. Regards, Marco
  2. Hi, Great set! I just digitalized mine, using PCBs of the Lyria TGV from Kato :) Im still on the hunt for its AVE 100 series sister.... Regards, Marco
  3. I might have one. Will check tonight.
  4. oenckie

    Kato 10-377 DCC friendly??

    Hmm, I wasn't aware of trains that can use FL12 but no EM13. Strange that Kato produced them like this. Now to find a way to get my E2 motor digitalized. Regards, Marco
  5. oenckie

    Kato 10-377 DCC friendly??

    Hi all, Today I received a Kato 10-377 E2 Shinkansen. I thought this model is DCC friendly, so it should accept an EM13 decoder. But after opening the motorcar that doesn't seem to be case. Very strange as the headcars do accept a FL12 decoder. Can anyone tell me how I should place an EM13 in this train, or doesn't it accept an EM13? Thanks and regards, Marco
  6. oenckie

    This train sings to you

    Hi, Actually, there are more models with music in them. I actually have Taurusses with pieces of music from Mozart (Fleischmann 731178), Wagner/Verdi (Fleischmann 781475) and Hayden (Fleischmann 731186) Here a video of the Wagner loc on youtube 🙂 BTW, the roco you mentioned is in scale H0, these are in N 😉 Regards, Marco
  7. oenckie

    new from the Netherlands

    Hoi Lex, Welkom op het forum! Russische locomotieven in N-schaal zal niet mee vallen, lijkt me. Japans is er in ieder geval zeker veel te verkrijgen :) Nogmaals welkom en groet, Marco (uit Nieuwegein)
  8. Hi Jeffrey, Might be a good idea to describe the DCC. Does it only have a motordecoder? Does the lighting switch and is it controlable? Might be interested, although the shipping will probably kill the deal, as Im in the Netherlands. Regards, Marco
  9. A little yes. Fortunatly the Shinkansen are 1:160 :)
  10. To bad it is 1:148. That would look silly next to my mainly 1:160 trains. Else I would probably want one too, as it looks really nice.
  11. Hi Ochanomizu, Than, what is missing in the missing in the 10-340 + 2x 10-341 combination? Regards, Marco
  12. Further looking makes me think the PCBs of 10918 (SNCF TGV "Thalys" PBKA, old colors) might also work. Maybe someone has the partnumbers of the PCBs of this model.
  13. Hi all, Kato has release a new TGV, the Reseau (10-1431). Anyone know the partnumber of the PCBs used in car M1 and M2? I was wondering what PCB is in the motorcar, as I suppose this can als be used in other TGV models. Would be a breeze to digitalize those TGV, just bij replacing the PCB. Or wouldn't this be possible? Regards, Marco
  14. I bought CAT set from @Yavianice. Looks very special with that green color. Very nice, and a cool train next to the Minitrix version in the older color.
  15. oenckie

    What did you order or the post deliver?

    Thanks to Yavianice, who got it for me at the Dordmund messe, I now have an E3 in my collection. A real colorful one too, very pleased with it.