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  1. Yeah Toy Maker doesn't own any HO track to run trains on, "JR 500系" I think he just owns enough to display his JR500s on. I personally don't get why people buy these expensive trains just to look at. But he buys these really nice Tenshodo JR500s and doesn't run them and resells them after a while. Although he did recently get another one from Japan and told me on facebook he is thinking of custom painting it in EVA colors and its going to be the first EVA train in HO. He said he might sell it to if he ends up making it.
  2. Need for High Speed

    Hi from Orlando, Florida

    I first got into high speed trains from riding the CRH380a in China but very similar to those in Japan.
  3. The head light in the reverse direction flickers because the loco runs on what they call rule 17 which seems to have no purpose other than dim the head on the reverse end. It bothers me but if it don't bother then don't worry about it I also need to change the speed charts CVs to 255 instead of 128 or what ever they are. Because I can't get mine to go faster than 85 scale mph. Do you happen have any HO Shinkansens?
  4. Dude nice ACS-64 I recently got one my self its 619, yours looks like the flag unit. How much Amtrak do you have? Like the amfleet in the background minus all the random toys. Yeah the ACS-64 does make a lot of nois especially when running under DC I have been reading through the CV log to silence the random horn sounds, but it's too confusing for me. If you don't like the tail light flickering you should change cv61 ratio from 41 to 0. I do not know where to find parts for Japanese coaches I would assume using Yahoo Auctions if you know what the search terms to use. Or go the hard way and make the parts from scratch if you know what they look like or find pictures of them.
  5. Need for High Speed

    Tenshodo JR500 Nozomi HO

    Yeah no thanks. I know the guy that is selling it and I think its cheaper to buy from Japan than fight over it in the US. Well I'm sure some one will pay for it.
  6. Need for High Speed

    Japanese used trains market

    I finished setting up a papal account and what not and I set up a Buyee account a few weeks ago, so I am ready to buy the Tenshodo JR500 now. But the Yahoo! actions market for HO bullet trains seemed to be very busy over the past few months their was a few in January and nothing much in February and March but then in April things seemed to pick up. When I finally set up a Buyee account towards the end of June things seemed to hit a rock wall, I know its not been that long but for those who have been observing the second hand HO market in Japan for a longer time do you know if their are any patterns to follow or is it more random and just got to keep checking every day and see what comes up? I have only been observing for about 8 months. The second hand ebay markets for American and European trains usually have more stuff in October through December and the spring. I am wondering what it is like for Japan?
  7. Sounds similar to what I am planning on doing with HO high speed trains at Timonium this fall. I am very surprised their isn't much in Chicago as they have a ton of trains over their (I rode on an electric METRA train when I visited the city a couple of years ago or maybe it had been the South Shore line, don't remember) and I've heard they have a huge yearly train show its also where Kato USA is based. So I am very surprised their isn't a whole lot of Japanese railway modelers in Chicago. but like what Jeff said got to work to pull them out of the wood work.
  8. Need for High Speed

    Japanese H0 Lima Trains.

    LOL never had an issue with buying trains reeking of tobacco smoke. but the wheels do have monsterus flanges. When I bought my Lima I had some one of had a spinny grinder machine and trued the wheels on my Orange TGV. Which I bought on ebay for about $122 USD I think. with a lot of pieces from a Jouef set so basically I have a Lima TGV pulled by a Jouef TGV motor car. No it did not smell like cigarettes and thankfully they weren't full of bubble gum and dog hair like these nasty Legos some one tried give my school. Wow I didn't realize some Limas are from the 70s that makes me wonder if some of my trains are at least 15 to 20+ years older then me. ; ) Anyone have any idea what years this particular Lima Collection HO model was made in? I know it's not Japanese, it is a French TGV duplex, but I found it dirt cheap at a show a few months ago. The bogies needed to be rebuilt because the electrical contacts were messed up, although it has a very powerful motor and is crazy fast but my RENFE S-102 is faster and I've yet to wire DCC into this one. but shouldn't be hard because the circuit board looks ancient. I am looking at buying the HO JR500 soon and want to know if Tenshodo has the same issue with big flanges?
  9. Need for High Speed

    Takara Tomy Linear Liner

    Tomy makes some interesting stuff. Wonder if you will ever buy a big lot of Tomy plarail from japan for people to play with at shows Jeff. Although I look forward to seeing that maglev model you bought looks cool. But when your at Timonium this year you just might see a little bit of Plarail on display, you never know...
  10. Need for High Speed

    Rental Layouts in Japan

    this is the first time I am hearing of this idea and am shocked that no one has made a company that does this and rents mobile layouts of various themes to parties and such. Hmmm... getting them gears turning now.
  11. Need for High Speed

    Takara Tomy Linear Liner

    Would HO bullet trains flying around a small loop of track at full speed give you a headache? I had some one tell me once that my trains made them feel car sick seeing them go that fast, apparently my music did too... and I think that maglev from Takara Tomy does actually levitate.
  12. Need for High Speed

    Laying Track Panels

    Its like building a gigantic model railroad where each piece of track weighs several tons and gets welded together. ;)
  13. Need for High Speed

    Tenshodo JR500 Nozomi HO

    I kind of want the 6 car version, but this is tempting. It is listed as "new" so chances are high that I will not get a reasonable price. I think I will pass on this one. I'd rather get the Hayabusa over the summer. Thanks for sharing!!! I am glad people are helping me find this train
  14. obviously I say all that in good humor. (I really don't care what others do) But in reality I would rather collect Micro Machines than Hot wheels and I like to collect the play sets more than the cars (exp. Hot Wheels City or Micro machines city/army sets). that is what I should have said. Because model railroading, match box, Hot wheels, and micro machines truly go hand in hand because why waste time buying 1:87 or 1:160 scale cars when Match box and Micro Machines work great for scenic areas that might have a road or two in them. (Match box and Hot Wheels are best for HO layouts, Micro Machines are best in N scale layouts) I have built massive cities that fill half a room using nothing but toys no models the closest thing to a model I use is Girder & Panel sets made by a company Bridge Street Toys. (though not sure if they are still in business or not) But here is some pictures of the N scale city that I've built on the lower bunk of my bed because of space issues and yes you will noticed Micro Machines City play sets being used along with N scale models and custom built skyscrapers and I am also using some girder and panel sets. My Ho is usually set up on the floor with Bachmann E-Z track. Yes I am a member of several HO clubs that have very large DCC layouts. I only have two, 4 car Kato N gauge shinkansens, N700 and of course my favorite the JR500.
  15. Those are good points Kamome. Although you must keep in mind I am a large, ugly, slobbery, American, and I prefer larger models although G gauge is too big and I hate O guage because 50's American Lionel has always given me bad vibes of the past. I do not plan on buying a full 16 car set (so what, I don't care if its un realistic just the Tenshodo 6 car set is plenty) Besides only losers collect Hot Wheels speaking of a Bull S**t hobbies Hot wheels is certainly one of them a bit too lower class\redneck for me. model railroading Japanese or not is certainty much more entertaining. Think of it like this people who are really into cars are genuinely into sports cars sleek fast cars with lots of power. What does every other teen car geek loser hang in his\her bedroom a poster of a Lamborghini that's what they want. because they see it as a status symbol. now I do not consider owning HO high speed trains that zoom around the layout at breakneck speed to be a status thing. but its just too fun. I apologize for my profanity