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  1. Chinese High Speed Trains

    Yeah I know about that site. it does nothing to help because they dont make the high speed trains anywhare no matter how hard I look. They just don't make the CRH380a
  2. Chinese High Speed Trains

    Thanks I have come across most of those sites but that wasn't the problem the problem was the trains I am looking for arn't really made at all and that's the problem and its one you can't do anything about. so JR500 and Hayabusa it is.
  3. Chinese High Speed Trains

    I have spent months searching only to find nothing, especially when it comes to HO scale Chinese High speed trains. I have found some Japanese Shinkansens in HO that I have plans of aquiring but still nothing from China. Their dose appear to be a CRH3 from Bachmann China. that I could get for about the price the Teshodo JR500 and Kato Hayabusa but the CRH3 is the one high speed train I dont like from China because it's just a copy of the German ICE and their is nothing special about it. I would really want a dynamic 1:87 model of the CRH380a or the CRH2c or the CRH5 none of which I can find anywhare no matter how hard I look and I finally found and contacted a train collector who's chinese and speakes english and they have said to me that their is not much in the form of High Speed from China and I was very disapointed. So, how popular is model railroading in China? Is doing well, is it popular like it is in Japan, US and Europe? I would like some one to tell me. Most of what I can find seems to come from Hong kong. and even then its just mostly static models that I have fund which seem to be very expensive and are bulted to their frames and I did hear back from the person in China that they know people who have put motors in Static models. which is very difficult to do to on any type of static model that is not designed to run. I am vary intrested in hearing if their is any product anouncements for Chinese trains. in HO
  4. KTM HO JR500

    hi. I was running some searches today and I came across what appeared to be an HO KTM model of the JR500, is this a new model? I have been wondering about this I do not recall seeing a 500 series when I went through a KTM product list a few months ago. http://www.ktm-models.co.jp/topics_500kei.html that's where I found it. whether KTM makes the 500 or not either way I am planning on ordering the Tenshodo JR500 some time this year (its simply cheaper) and hopefully I'll get the Kato E5 series around the holidays. I am about 2 hours north of Washington DC and their is a Japan modelers club from that area. I have seen them at a couple of shows in the past. If their is any one from that club on this forum who happens to own an HO gauge 500 series shinkansen or an E5 shinkansen in HO I would love to see it in person before I go out and spend a ton of money. Thank you for your help.
  5. I would love to see the JR 500 made affordable in HO scale, the Star 21 concept train, the 283 series ocean arrow all of those trains in HO scale would be awesome. I cant remember what the other trains I want in HO are called.
  6. Joint European Order to US?

    I ordered an HO Marklin Hamo 8371 ICE exp. and have bought new circuit boards for it from Digital Bhan with a Digi tracks decoder plugged it in didn't work so now I am now just soldering it all directly. I ordered the train on the German Ebay for about $ 120 and about $ 40 in shipping the train is usually worth about $ 200 so $ 170 isn't bad but I wasted 50 bucks on circuit boards that didnt exactly work. I'll post pictures of my High Speed trains at a later date. Bullet trains are an obsession or I should say high speed train in general. The Jr 500 is especially Hot I mean its just sexy looking. I do not mean it in a sexual way, not to be weird but the 500 my favorite bullet train.
  7. hi, I had someone on facebook to send me some photos of the motor car of the JR500 HO scale version from Tenshodo. I do not own this train but will hopefully get one with in this year. AS you can see on one side of the circuit panel their appears to be an 8 pin plug and I want to know what Digitrax decoders you recommend for it I stay with digitrax because its cheaper than TCS and other companies. Also is it 8pins or an 8pin socket? The car appears to be held together with 4 screws and the circuit panel has 2 screws holding it to the chassis and the motor also has screws holding it to the chassis too. the motor has the Bachmann symbol etched on it meaning that Bachmann did help design the model. But I do not know for sure if that's true or not I could be wrong on any of that and tell me if I am. I wish Kato designed its HO Hayabusa like Tenshodo designed their Nozomi. I am hoping to find this train for under 650 dollars.
  8. Tenshodo JR500 Nozomi HO

    I would not buy an expensive train for display. Because 600- 800 dollars for a train is a lot for me, I would want it to run I would be running it and using it putting it to good use. my plan for requiring the Tenshodo 500 series 6 car set will be signing up for a middle man service called ShoppingMallJapan they will have the lowest fees. It will likely take about a month to ship to the US I guess, and then i will buy three DCC decoders for it. and run it during shows at my club with my other trains.
  9. Tenshodo JR500 Nozomi HO

    What's the fair price of the Tenshodo jr500 6 car set from Japan. how much would you say it's worth?
  10. Timonium??

    Has any one brought their ho Japanese trains to timonium before?
  11. Getting board of waiting

    I have asked numerous times for some one to post a video of their ho scale bullet trains running fast and I am getting tired of waiting. Pleas for the sake of train wrecks some one post some videos of their JR500 I have had a hard finding videos of this train on YouTube I have found a few but not many and I am eager to see more of what this tenshodo can do. I have also had a difficult time locating videos of the Kato HO E5 series I have been trying to be polite here but it only works for so long. I have made videos of my own trains but because they are European high speed and not Japanese they don't belong on this forum. I am not asking for some extravagent movie I just like watching model trains go fast and haven't had a chance to buy any HO Japanese trains as I have been focused on ICE trains in Germany. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your videos.
  12. HO hayabusa decoder configurations

    Thank you so much for the information. It sounds like I just solder the decoder input wires to the big metal strips that run along the sides. Then get new wires to extend the stub wires in the motors and then cross solder the motor output wires from the decoder with the 4 wires from the motors then insulate all the connections with electrical tape and bind the other wires from the decoder and squeeze every thing together and but the car back together and done. unless I am missing something.
  13. HO hayabusa decoder configurations

    I know, I looked at that before, You sent me the exact same link before too. I looked at the pictures (very helpful) but I couldn't find an explanation, that's what I am asking for. Also, does the HO Hayabusa really tilt on curves?
  14. I know theirs a few people here with decoders in their Kato HO Hayabusa. I was looking at a post made some years ago about installing DCC into the Hayabusa. But I would like to see some pictures of what it looks like when the conversion is complete and a better direct explanation of how to do it.
  15. JR 283 series HO

    Can Some one please try to find websites that I can look at HO trains in Japan. I would like to know more about HO scale in Japan. I found this https://www.ebay.ca/itm/HO-scale-Super-Hakuto-5-Cars-set-Endo-Japan-EMS-F-S-USED/263178220547?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170119204035%26meid%3D49f06db374134f03b7b8419019b3a305%26pid%3D100033%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D3%26sd%3D263178220547&_trksid=p2045573.c100033.m2042 $6,000!!! bucks, Dang! who made this? I really need help with this issue I can't find full proof of KTM making the 283. I found this video of the 283 I think its HO. But it could be a custom model.