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  1. Need for High Speed

    Meet-up in Albuquerque May 14

    Believe it or not, I visit New mexico every year cause I got some folks who live up in Santa Fe and I visit them in August usually mid August. If you happen to have a train session then that'd be great! It's a pain to get out their from Philly. But other than the rail runner and tourist trains and one or two railroad photographers, I have never seen or met anyone who does model trains over their let alone Japanese ones. What you got HO or N scale or both?
  2. Need for High Speed

    HO hayabusa decoder configurations

    Hmm. The Kato head light decoders are 30 dollars each. Are you sure they fit in the HO version of the Hayabusa? I am slightly skeptical of this claim. I don't own the train quite yet but if I do I am planning on using a 9 pin harness from Digitraxx in the motor car with a 9 pin TCS decoder and for the head lights I plan on getting 2 digitrax TL1 because they are dirt cheap. But does the TCS T1 decoder fit into a 9 pin harness from digitrax? Or are they different sizes? I know it sounds weird but I happen to have a 9 pin harness lying around leftover from another project.
  3. Need for High Speed

    Japanese H0 Lima Trains.

    I have some lima HO high speed trains too but they're French TGVs not Japanese.
  4. Need for High Speed

    Tenshodo/Bachmann JR500 Nozomi HO

    A while ago I got some one who does own this train to open up the motor car and their are 2 rows of solder dots that add up to 8. which might indicate that their is an 8pin plug under their. but again can't exactly tell what kind of 8pin plug. but its got a big motor with big flywheels I have been told this train is a really fast model. Yeah good luck on finding anything useful info wise on this train I have done several months of internet searches and haven't found much. but I have been asking around. Hopefully, if I own this one day I will to a post about how to install DCC in it.
  5. Hey I have been asking around about the HO guage version of the JR500 series. I have fallen madly in love with my Nscale Kato model of it. This train is truly divine beuty of the rails. But I collect high speed trains from all over the world in HO I have an Acela, orange TGV, a TGV duplex, ICE, ect. But I have yet to get any high speed trains from the fare east. Since I found no adaquate models in China, I turned to Japan and plan on aquireing the Tenshodo JR500 and the E5 Hayabusa from Kato. I hope to find the 6 car basic set from tenshodo cheap but it seems highly unlikely and no one has offered any on this site in a long time. I have a few important questions about the tenshodo model I mentioned. Does its nose cone detatch off and is their a coupler in it? Like the Kato E5 has. Also the circuit panel supposedly has an 8pin plug in it. If you own this train please take some photos of the cab cars taken apart so can see if they to have the 8 pin plugs. Thank you I really appreciate it. I am slowly going insane over this train I can't afford.
  6. I wonder if Kato will ever make a new bullet train in HO they did once but will they ever make an E6? or some other Shinkansen in HO?
  7. Need for High Speed


    Yes I agree, but I will get an HO Shinkansen at some point and I am planning on joining a club based in Philly so I can run my exotic European high speed trains along with the 1 or 2 Shinkansens I will eventually get at shows they attend, so keep an eye out over the next year or two. their might be a bunch of High speed trains on display. because I like to promote the dark side of Model railroading i.e. high speed modern passenger trains. although expect only to see one or 2 Japanese shinkansens if that they are expensive and no one around wants to spend the money.
  8. Need for High Speed

    JRM at 2018 Sakura Matsuri

    Yeah I did, but I was talking with another club that was from Philly. But I'm a HO guy. and I've yet to get a real HO shinkansen.
  9. Need for High Speed

    JRM at 2018 Sakura Matsuri

    I was at Timonium to. over the weekend, not too much in Japanese stuff.
  10. Need for High Speed


    He's off the "deep end" never heard of the expression "gone off the dark end" and if you want really fine detail on your layout with out needing the use of a micro scope go HO.
  11. Need for High Speed

    21000 series Urban liner

    hey, I was just wondering did Kato ever make the 21000 series (Urban liner) in HO gauge? and how long ago did they make it?
  12. Need for High Speed

    KTM HO JR500

    WoW, I didn't realize it would be that expensive. Well that would be covered buy a couple of bit coins if I had any. LOL. I would love to see it out of the box but at that price I guess not.
  13. Need for High Speed


    Yeah the Plarail advance did make a good bridge to N scale but it didn't have very good motors if I recall hearing from people. but the regular stuff makes a good bridge to HO scale. I don't have any picture of my HO and Tomy next to each other. 30 or 40 sets? Wow that's a lot, well I had that much in wooden tracks. I only have like five plarail sets and only two of them had trains with them. But one is a Hayabusa I bought my self when I was in China in 2013 and the other is a CRH2c a Chinese train and both of those sets were purchased in China. But I do have a Plarail Monorail and its not a Disney one.(whew)
  14. Need for High Speed


    I gave up my brio tracks and trains when I was 13 and I will never part with them.I still play with my few Takara Tomy trains every now and then and I'm 17. Also your lucky to get to go to japan I wish I could go. but I've been to China at least! Also I don't really have any family members who are interested in trains like I am. But Takara Tomy did sell some stuff in the US a long time ago but as Toys R us is going down the hole they stopped selling stuff in the US a while ago. But the Thomas stuff sells well although I owned vary few Thomas toys. But Geotrax was always a favorite they are not made anymore.
  15. Need for High Speed


    I have no clue what that says because I cant read Japanese but I assume its what I am looking for. I found nothing pla rail related, The search terms must be really broad because so much other stuff comes up and it takes a while to scroll through page after page until I find a TOMY lot. Can you just send me a link to a Tomy specific search. Thanks.