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  2. From memory of reading an article a couple of days back, the driver (25 or something, fairly new on the job) managed to change the point as the tram was passing over it.
  3. If you’re going to split the points, might as well make a thorough job of it. Been there, done that, got the accident report on my permanent record! 🙂 It would be interesting to know exactly what happened here. I’m assuming the turnout is motorised, so there’s a number of possibilities. Cheers, Mark.
  4. Hello again I produced the blog below a while ago now after the conversation on this thread. I may not have all the facts right and would appreciate any constructive comments/criticism. On other forum, I have used this introduction to the blog post.. ....... Cape Gauge was used in many countries throughout the world. It has been identified primarily with the Cape Colony in South Africa but was used first in the UK on a variety of tramways and was also significant in railway history in Norway. Later its use extended into a number of countries in the Far East including New Zealand, Indonesia and in particular Japan. Cape Gauge was chosen as the 'standard gauge' in Japan. This post provides an introduction to the historic railways of Japan. The story includes a variety of different gauges. The use of different gauges seems at least as complex as the situation in the UK. This post is an introduction to the railways of Japan and centres around the use of Cape Gauge. ........ https://rogerfarnworth.com/2019/01/09/japanese-railway-history-cape-gauge
  5. When i was a kid. I used to do that with my train sets
  6. That’s what you get when you attempt a Tokyo drift in Kagoshima in a tram! jeff
  7. katoftw

    Tobu Rly. SL Taiju set and push-pull operation

    Making a second loco out of a dead model comes up on the forum a lot. Nowadays they are making locos without traction tyres so the second loco can wheel slip. And if you sleuthly enough, you can buy the non tyred wheel sets and fit those to replace the tyred wheel sets. In saying that though. I added a DE10 for pushing my seven stars and DF200. The extra motor had a far bit of drain on the electricals. And the throttle needed an extra 25-33% turn to be the same as without the DE10 in the consist. I think I'd prefer the dummy loco instead.
  8. railsquid

    How did you improve your rolling stock?

    MicroAce must be super-proud about the detailing on the ends of their cars and want to show it off by leaving a gap wide enough to jump a motorbike through. MicroAce E231-500 (Yamanote Line) by Rail Squid, on Flickr To avoid motorcycle/train accidents on my layout I closed the gap with Tomix couplers.
  9. railsquid


    Joined all the supporting bits of the above section together into one contiguous scenic block and fixed the track sections in place so they can be sceniced up with ballast'n'stuff. Here removed from the layout for ease of working on. left-rear-upper-track-section-2019-05-25_01 by Rail Squid, on Flickr The embankment on the left is recycled from my original layout attempt.
  10. Folks, For a few years now the Tobu Rly. has been running an SL tourist train between Shimoimachi and the popular resort Kinugawaonsen. This train, SL Taiju, comprises C 11 2-6-4 tank loco No.207, a good guards van, three coaches and diesel-hydraulic loco DE 10 No 1099.at the rear. MicroAce has an N scale model of this train, , the C 11 is motorised, the DE 10 is not. This is not a bad idea, whilst most controllers will carry the electrical loads of two locos double-heading or pushing running on the same track, there are sometimes occasions with these locos fighting with each other, especially if they are of different makes. The provision of a 'dumb' or un-motorised loco makes double-heading or pushing a train a better prospect. It would be interesting if MicroAce would offer the dumb DE 10 as a separate item, double-headers look good on layouts. Of course, if one had a clapped-out diesel model, one could remove the motor and the drive shafts and make this a dumb loco for double- heading. Regards, Bill, Melbourne.
  11. I've ordered NGDCC boards a few times. Went very smoothly. I emailed what I wanted, they sent back payment info (I paid using PayPal), and shortly thereafter the stuff was posted and made its way to me.
  12. Yesterday
  13. cteno4

    Woody Joe wooden train models

    I don’t think the houses are n scale. They don’t list a scale on zootoyz and they are 15 cm across so big for n scale. More like HO. Jeff
  14. I just caved and ordered a Tomix EF210-300 and 2 track cleaning cars, no to see what ordering NGDCC boards is like.
  15. Yavianice

    Lighting Trains

    Only bulb interior lighting no matter from which brand are not recommended using CL or DX power packs. LED's are fine.
  16. bill937ca

    Woody Joe wooden train models

    Also available from Hobby Search https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=104&cat=rail&target=make&searchkey=Woody+Joe
  17. bill937ca

    Japanese Streets

    This is Jimbocho. It is the area around Jimbocho subway station where three subway lines meet. The Toei Mita line, the Toei Shinjuku line and the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon line. it is west of Kanda station, south of Ochanomizu station (JR Chuo Rapid line and the Chuo-Sobu line) alongside the river and some distance east of Shinjuku Station. It is primarily a commercial area. Nippon Wandering TV has day time and rainy night videos The videos show arterial streets and back streets. There are a fair number of surface parking lots along the back streets, something that doesn't show up in many of the other neighbourhood videos. I see more commercial vehicles than personal vehicles, although many of the Kei vans could be personal or commercial vehicles. There is not the usual sense of busy traffic streets for a core area. Video by Nippon Wandering TV.
  18. Found a good price for a new E001.
  19. Martijn Meerts

    website not secure.

    We don’t use an ELB since we only use a single web server. AWS doesn’t allow adding certificates directly to EC2 instances. I’ve looked at the let’s encrypt certificates, but the required tools to automate that aren’t compatible with Amazon Linux. We need to update to Amazon Linux 2, but that requires a completely new install. We need to do the update either way, the latest version of the forum software requires a newer PHP version than what’s currently installed, and upgrading PHP on the current server means compiling it from source, which I really don’t want to do 🙂
  20. railsquid

    What did you order or the post deliver? (N Gauge)

    My name is Railsquid and I am addicted to buying very cheap older Microace stuff by the kilo because the previous owner didn't like the banshee wails coming from the motor and/or was dissatisfied with the lack of working lighting. This E231-500 series suffered from both, but after a full strip-down of the motor unit, some strategic lubrication and general grunge removal (oh and application of the trusty back-to-back gauge to the driving axles) this one now trundles around the layout just nicely, thank you. MicroAce E231-500 series (Yamanote Line) by Rail Squid, on Flickr It's probably not the best rendering of the E231, but it's interesting to see where Microace does things better, in this case they've got the window tinting right (door windows are not tinted).
  21. It looks like you can get a free SSL cert if you use an ELB in AWS. They will do a DNS check to make sure you are the owner, and the cert just provides SSL encryption, and will be from Amazon, so it won't specifically verify that you are in fact jnsforum.com, so things like facebook would probably still not be happy, but the SSL would work for browsers. This would also require EC2s, probably doesn't work if just using S3 web hosting. https://hackernoon.com/getting-a-free-ssl-certificate-on-aws-a-how-to-guide-6ef29e576d22 I use certs on ELBs all the time at work and they are a huge AWS customer, so we have our own certs, but using the ELB means the certs are just pointed to in AWS, I don't have to put the cert on the EC2s. And if they change, I just change the value in a drop down box on the ELB, no changing the server. The comms from the EC2 to ELB are not encrypted, but from the ELB to the pubic, it is, and since the ELB acts as a reverse proxy, the public side never sees any non-encrypted traffic.
  22. changkh

    Lighting Trains

    can i use Tomix lights on KATO tracks? more specifically, 0733 lights on 22-018 power pack.
  23. Martijn Meerts

    website not secure.

    It's a known issue, and 1 of the reasons we removed the facebook login feature (that, and very few people actually used it) We need to get a SSL certificate in order to use the https:// prefix. Since the forum runs on donations (and quite a bit of my personal funds), we prefer to use a service where you can get free certificates. However, you have to renew those certificates every 3 months I believe, and that process isn't easy on our current server set up. To get the https:// prefix (and have it be certified), we need to upgrade the server (or rather, reinstall the whole thing, can't directly upgrade) so we have the tools needed to automatically renew the certificate. I've started looking into it, but haven't gotten around to actually doing it. I'm planning on doing it soon though, within the next few weeks most likely.
  24. Hello. I wanted to get notifications from this site on my Google chrome browser,even if I'm not on it so that I know if someone sells something, but it says that this site is not secure, so I can't add it. Any way to make it secure? I tried it trough proxy settings, but it gives me the notification"Sites added to this zone must use the https:// prefix. This prefix assures a secure connection". Its weir because the prefix is in the URL.
  25. This will end up being a specific example of a setup, Loco-net based architecture. Command Station BXP88 for Block detection, one of the 8 zones for the each Block, which is also used as the Brake Section. DAC20 with IRDOT-1D for detection for the Stop Section, this also can control switches. There are many ways to skin this cat, I happen to need 5 switches and 3 blocks/detections each way on my layout. So 1 BXP88 (8 blocks) and 2 DAC20 (8 switches/10 sensors) and 6 IRDOT-1D cover what I need. I won't be detecting the blocks outside my "station".
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