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  2. chadbag

    What did you do on your layout today?

    This week I've been working on layout the V2 lighting board, as well as some on the Tomix EF210 DCC conversion (testing something and preparing to add lights), and so tonight I decided to get some trains running around the test track and let them run a while. I had a Brawa Voith Gravita 10BB from the Swiss company PANLOG with a couple older tank cars, a KATO JRF EF66 with 3 KoKi 106 with containers, a Piko Vossloh G1206 diesel from evb logistik (not pulling anything), and the Arnold BR 152 "Porsche" livery (no consist) running. The Brawa I had done a decoder firmware update on and was testing, but mainly I ran these ones as they were the ones already out on the table. The test track is 2 double track loops. The outer loops have some unevenness where wires pass underneath and I get a lot of uncouplings of longer cars (short Era IV cars usually make it but anything longer not) so on those two outer tracks I did not bother to get out any freight wagons to pull. I plan on doing some more PCB layout for V2 light board, and work on the Tomix EF210 some more (I want to add in tail lights), and put decoders in the Tomix Hikari RailStar 700.
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  4. Sheffie

    Hello from Copenhagen

  5. Gordon Werner

    Kato - New Releases

    I wonder when we can expect Kato to announce the new Maple Green color of the Keihan Eizan Railway's DEO 901/902? http://rail.hobidas.com/rmn/archives/2019/03/901f_1.html
  6. Suica

    MicroAce - New Releases

    Nagaden 3500 series and the new colour Keihan 800 series can come right home~
  7. Gordon Werner

    MicroAce - New Releases

    odd that they are releasing the new colors along with the old colors with old logo (c 1997) ... regardless, spreadsheet in my signature has been updated.
  8. miyakoji

    Hello from Copenhagen

    Hi McGovern, welcome to the forum! I have a Danish coworker and I watch Bjarne Stroustrup interviews to relax
  9. nscaler711

    N Scale manga and anime figures?

    Hmm, man I'd kill for a 1/150 Sterlizia model. No trains in DitF but something about 02... 😍
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  11. bill937ca

    Euro Tomytec / Unitram Layout

    I just corrected it.
  12. chadbag

    Euro Tomytec / Unitram Layout

    When I just looked it offered smooth or smoothest.
  13. bill937ca

    Euro Tomytec / Unitram Layout

    Smooth. Smoothest was another $7 which on a $20 base is a lot. I'm very happy.
  14. cteno4

    Euro Tomytec / Unitram Layout

    Nice bill. Did you go smooth or smoothest? jeff
  15. Kiran

    Terminus stations

    For my office window sill layout, I need 2 terminus stations. The options appear to be pretty limited. I have a Kato 23-210 that I can potentially use as a small station. But I am using Double track and this station is not big enough to cover both tracks. I would ideally like to put 2 one-sided platforms and have them connect to a station building. I can use 23-122 or 23-200 but they only work with island platforms. I don't want to use island platforms if I can help it. I do want to use one-sided platforms on both stations. Any suggestions?
  16. My HN stuff came. I will do the Hikari RailStar DCC conversion this weekend if I can find the time and try the "chromed" strips and also pot metal (for grins) with the HN flux and teh various solders.
  17. katoftw

    Tomix 313 - Close coupling issue

    Just use one gangway.
  18. bill937ca

    Bandai B-Train Shorty

    Making a 【B Train】Odakyu Techno Inspector! https://railway-models.net/201510/312/?fbclid=IwAR0e4eh3jWKh7mahQgzsD7B37YPTC5Z2DYvTLf_QvSVgjRMA-1LraXDsV5k https://railway-models.net/201510/572/ https://railway-models.net/201512/923/
  19. lighthouse

    MicroAce - New Releases

    Yes, 1997 crossing accident
  20. If I recall correctly, some European countries banned clear floor coverings in the fear children would mistake them for water and drink them. I know some modelers import the clear versions from the US but the shipping would be fairly pricey.
  21. bill937ca

    Kato DX platforms & Overhead Transit Station

    Sumida Crossing has probably the most complete review of the Overhead Station http://www.sumidacrossing.org/ModelTrains/OverheadTransitStation/ I believe the DX platforms came after Ken's flurry of layout building and article writing. But I suspect the DX platforms may be a lighted update of the tile platforms. http://www.sumidacrossing.org/ModelTrains/PassengerPlatforms/
  22. disturbman

    MicroAce - New Releases

    Yes, that side is pretty meh, but the other would be the normal KiHa 183-5200 cab end. https://css.trainspo.com/uploads/photos/1024/1348-74477v0_20160524.jpg How come the North Rainbow Express has/had such a cab end? Did the set have an accident?
  23. Right! It is used also as a general varnish for the middle steps (as seal before decals, seal before weathering..) as it needs no dilution to be applied with the airbrush and very easy to clean. The version in my country is not suitable for the clear pieces as it's on the US or other countries. But as a clear coat goes great. Martin
  24. Welshbloke

    Electronics for a Box File layout

    In all honesty I'd stick with Kato or Tomix and use the adjustable track pieces to fill in the gaps. That way you can keep the unijoiners back from the edge of the boxfile.
  25. In the world of aircraft or car modeling, folks use the Future/Pledge product on their clear plastic canopy/window pieces to smooth out small scratches and improve the look of these pieces. They usually just dunk the pieces in the Future/Pledge stuff and then set them aside to dry.
  26. The older set of Hino support trucks is on sale at amiami... 45% off... https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=RAIL-24204 jeff
  27. So I'm considering some station remodeling on my layout (I never really like the set-up on my big station to begin with) and was looking to replace the station building with the Kato Overhead Transit Station and use the new DX platforms to replace my older ones. Looking the two though does the station interface with the platforms the same way it did with the island flag stop platforms? It looks like it should except for possibly different roof color but I can fix that.
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