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  2. kevsmiththai

    Vandalised Model Railway Show

    I do a lot of shows in the U.K and do worry sometimes about something like this happening. The organisers should be insured to cover the cost of the exhibits and usually ask for the value of the layout and rolling stock in advance, BUT, it doesn't cover the years of work in creating the layouts. Public venues like schools and sports halls aren't that secure if some mindless imbeciles decide they want to get up to mischief. I have done a show where one of the organising club members slept in the hall on a camp bed to guard the exhibits! My heart goes out to the club. It is every exhibition managers worst nightmare. Kev
  3. kevsmiththai


    So this was the scene this morning. The dividing backdrop has been repainted as this will be the backing for the forest. the undercoat for the ground cover has been applied and the lanes up to the shrine and down to the station have been better defined. The third layer of Gloss acrylic medium has gone onto the two waterfalls so all dusty work had to stop. Buildings aren't fastened down yet, just on to check clearances (the Tenshodo D51 valve gear was very close so I'm moving them back a bit). The weather has been good today for drying so I painted the rails rusty and was able to add the rocks and rubble to the bottom of the waterfalls before I locked up the workshop for the night. The Marklin Point motors have been painted track colour to tone them down a bit. My local model shop let me down a bit this week so I still need to source some Peco N scale truss bridges for the forestry line. My new static grass applicator arrived on Friday and its first job will be the forest floor in advance of putting all the trees on It hasn't been all model building this weekend. I had the wife's Merc in for its M.O.T annual inspection which wasn't straightforward at all and ended costing the thick end of £700 to get it through, but on a more positive side I took the youngest of our brood, Brooklyn, to see Saturday's 'Lakelander' steam excursion going past. Now as young as he is I'm encouraging him to follow in my footsteps and have an interest in railways so he took his Granma's camera to have another go at taking train pictures. I've had to crop it a bit but not bad for a seven year old! Kev
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  5. Waisneed

    Vandalised Model Railway Show

    The destruciton is infeasable. ...
  6. Yavianice

    Vandalised Model Railway Show

    The donation page is here https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/market-deeping-mrc now at 23,000 pounds
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-48326572 A donation page has also been setup here https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/market-deeping-mrc NOTE TO ADMINS: Sorry, I did not see the earlier thread by Dreyfus. Please delete this. Thanks.
  8. Martijn Meerts

    Vandalised Model Railway Show

    That's just terrible. Really all I can say...
  9. MichiK

    A5 sized Z Shorty microlayout

    Fast forward by two month - today I've added warning crosses and barriers to the level crossings. The crosses were drawnin COREL DRAW and printed out. Their sign posts are from two layers of card, further stiffened with ca glue. The yellow turned out to be a bit weak, and I had to paint the backsides of the crosses anyway, so I applied a tad of yellow paint to the frontsides, too. The barriers are laser cut railings for 1/250 scale ship models.
  10. MichiK

    A5 sized Z Shorty microlayout

    - paint the base - add some dirt to the streets and places - add static grass (small patches only) - add new shrubbery - glue all buildings to the base (again taking care that there are no overhangs over the base) - create and attach some sign boards to the station, the taxi company, and the noodle house (the latter shamelessly stolen from a real menya)
  11. MichiK

    A5 sized Z Shorty microlayout

    Still have to catch up a bit with this one. I had to do a few things before Agomura could be presented at our model railway show in march: - remove again all buildings and shrubbery - create a transport box from corrugated card (the fastener is a glued-in shoe lace...)
  12. Claude_Dreyfus

    Vandalised Model Railway Show

    As some may be aware, there was a club in the UK whose exhibition was subject to vandalism on Friday night - a number of layouts and stands set up for the exhibition the following day were completely destroyed when 4 kids broke into the exhibition hall and ran amok. Fortunately they triggered and alarm, and the police arrested them at the scene. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-48326572 Not covered in the article are some truly heartbreaking backstories, including the guy with terminal cancer who's hand built locomotive was wreaked, chances are he may not live long enough to repair it. The club have been stoical in dealing with the situation, which has shown not only a bad side of humanity, but also the good, as the hobby is rallying around in support of the club and the modellers involved. A just-giving site was set up, with the target of reaching £500 pounds...when I last saw the site, they had raised over £17,000! From a personal level, I have organised shows before and this is something any club and exhibitor fears. It is an awful situation, hopefully some good may come out of it.
  13. MichiK

    question on British tank car colours

    Yes, over at RMweb they'd certainly know the answer. I'm just reluctant to become a member just to ask one single question... And what'S more: It's not even the real question! (That, of course, is whether one of the german ferry tank cars, which was based upon the same type as one of the Märklin Z tank cars, ever had the class A tank car livery...)
  14. RogerK

    TRod's First Layout

    Here is a plan for a 720mm x 2400mm space. Outer loop with 315 curves and inner cross over double loop with 282 and 249 curves and viaduct curves. Plan with track codes ..
  15. Martijn Meerts

    Japanese seaside layout

    Nice! Runs really smooth as well.
  16. Well, spent a bit more money than I was planning on. Good thing I don't have any holiday plans for this year, since most of the holiday money is already gone 😉 Recently got the H0-ish scale lumber, but cutting it to size and making everything fit well was a bit problematic. Ended up ordering a set of Micro Mark tools (Chop-it, Sand-it and the magnetic gluing jig). Not all that expensive until shipping had to be added. These things don't seem to be available in Europe, so had to order them from the US. I then decided it was time to order the tools and materials needed to start laying track for my H0j/H0e adventure. I ended up ordering a fixture for a #6 H0j turnout and one for a #6 H0e turnout. The reason both are #6 is that I can use the same tool for filing the frogs and other filing requirements. Also ordered some pc board ties for the basic skeleton as well as wood turnout ties for the rest. (you solder the rails onto the pc board for strength, then add the wooden ties) And of course, a bunch of extras such as spikes, crossties, code 70 rail, and basically everything I need to start. Or at least, I hope I got everything 😄 No clue when it'll all arrive, the fixtures I wanted aren't ones they keep stocked, so they have to manufacture them first.
  17. bill937ca


    Added a small housing cluster at the lower back of the layout. Still need one more house and maybe a few more trees.
  18. Yesterday I decided to add at least one キハ80(T) to my KIHA fleet. No need to take the motorized キハ80 and another キロ80 is not a must have. And ---- I saw that only the キハ80(M) is available at Hobby Search. I went to drink some cups of tea. Then came back to Hobby Search with the decision for the キハ80(M). And ---- I saw that the キハ80(M) is sold out also at Hobby Search. OK let's fill the gap in my fleet with a キロ80 (still available). Order placed and the キロ80 went to sold out. I picked the last one. By checking for an other add on car for my 481 or 165 I noticed some *bargain* items. Curious filtering to 1/80 locomotives - the EF71 JNR is reduced by ~30% (29'808 yen down to 19'320) - <CLICK> mine. Now I have the right helper engine for my キハ80 train #3. Today I thought about my train consists. The キハ82-900 in may train #1 faces to the rear end of a キハ80. My 3rd キハ82 also faces to the rear end of another キハ. I must ("would like to") have 2 キハ82 facing cab to cab. With キハ82-901 and 902 I already have all キハ82-900s ever been on track I decided to add another キハ82. I love cab cars in between a train. Still available at Hobby Search. Order placed and the キハ82 went to sold out. Now I am waiting for a shipment again. About the other *bargains* I will post later. This order became expensive (my budget level pointer now shows approx. late November 2019). New constist plan (with * indicating the cab): train #1 *キハ81, キハ80(M),* キハ82-900, キロ80, キシ80, キハ80(T), キハ81* train #2 *キハ81, キロ80, キシ80, キハ80(M), キハ82-900* train #3 EF71 , *キハ82, キハ82*,* キハ82, キロ80, キハ82*
  19. al camino

    Kato KIHA81 announced.

    Because it is about ordering more キハ80 items I moved this post to in "What did you order or the post deliver?"
  20. It is. But that's because JR East won't need any new rolling-stock before then. 2031 should correspond to the extension of the Hokkaido Shinkansen to Sapporo. In 2031 the first E5 sets would be 20 years old and will be quickly approaching the end of their service life.
  21. Sascha

    Japanese Music

    Last year they only did CA, so adding NY and Dallas is a plus.I guess they add more next year, when they are more known here.
  22. bill937ca

    TRod's First Layout

    A track plan from Kato. https://www.katomodels.com/unitrackplan/plan_f https://www.katomodels.com/unitrackplan/plan_N2_45
  23. chadbag

    Japanese Music

    Hopefully Band Maid announces more than Dallas, LA, NY. 🙂
  24. TRod

    TRod's First Layout

    The trouble is, once you're one the figure of eight, that's it, you're on. You have to reverse to get off, which really annoys me but on the other hand, it means you have to perform some manoeuvre based on reality to reurnto the outside track. I had to go down to R216 on the right end and R249 on the left of the figure eight. I haven't run any trains on it yet and I'll admit that everything didn't line up perfectly, which probably means this isn't the final layout.
  25. Jimbo

    Traction Tyres - friend or foe ?

    interesting ive lost 3 rubbers in the past month, 2 different engines,,
  26. JR 500系

    Tomytec - New Releases

    The Truck/Trailer Collection Idemitsu Tank Truck Set (2 Cars Set) Trailer Collection 10
  27. marknewton

    help finding something

    They’re available in HO from RLF - Revolution Factory, item number 2635. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10394386 Cheers, Mark.
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