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  2. I have it uploading now. I'll post a link for it and I'll leave it in my folder for a week or so.
  3. While browsing some train pictures on a site I came across this picture of 2 485 series trainsets coupled together, but I don't recognize the livery of the left one and the site doesn't mention anything about it (as far as I've read it). Does anyone know which livery it is/for which service it was used? It is the third picture on this page: http://type103.heteml.jp/hk/rail/ec/ec485/ec485_tenpai.htm
  4. The Introduction Thread...

    Welcome Paul! Lots of tram folks here! cheers jeff
  5. The Introduction Thread...

    I noticed you tram pics in the albums section. You have a lot of Kumamoto 9700 trams.
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  7. Revenue service begins in 2020? Is that a prototype or is it normal for Shinkansen trains to get tested for that long before being put into service?
  8. The Introduction Thread...

    Hello! I'm not exactly new to this forum, I posted a few posts before a while back but I'm under a new name now because my old one is lost (the email address linked to it is no longer functioning). Anyway trams are my thing mostly!
  9. Tomix - New Releases

    Saw one of the Kato ones in a shop window today, it looks very impressive! Was very tempted but already spent too much this month (also it's not the era I'm modelling!)
  10. z-train shorty

    Today I received my Z Shorty EF66 body and power chassis and I am very impressed with them and the power chassis runs really well. Hope they will bring out some more locos soon and I can see this becoming a bit of an addiction
  11. JR-Chiisai: Storage yard modules

    I agree. The yard is amazing! How do you control the switches? Do you have some sort of logic circuit set up so that you simply flick one switch and the right combination of switches are thrown for one particular line? Or is it completely automated?
  12. EF58 Kato? Tomix? Other?

    From what I could gather the EF58 were originally (1946-1948) built with the "porches" in front of the cab. New locomotives built from 1952 had the full length body design, whilst the original locomotives were eventually rebuilt to the new design
  13. EF58 Kato? Tomix? Other?

    isn't it EF57?
  14. What did you order or the post deliver?

    The postman delivered a flat box which opened to reveal a somewhat battered Kato sleeve containing a book box.It was labelled 10-173 651series"Super Hitachi" Opening the box revealed what appears to be a mint train with suitable packaging which suggests it has had very little if any use.The instructions are dated 1999! It has full interior lighting as a standard fitting and all the decals are in place which makes me wonder if it's been a display model supplied complete by Kato. A brief test this afternoon showed all to be in working order. Usual excuse- I was going to buy less this year but it was too good to miss.The missus likes the coach lighting- another first!!
  15. (Pre-owned) Fleischmann QuickPicc (beige/green) buffet car from locs4fun in the Netherlands. Arrived yesterday.
  16. I missed episode 21 and would appreciate a reupload from anyone. Thanks for the great work.
  17. Questions about programming Decoders

    Thank you for the simple and super clear explanation.
  18. The bridge girders and track are from Micro Engineering, the abutments and wing walls I scratchbuilt out of balsa and styrene sheet. Thanks for the mini-review of the EF510, I think the next loco I buy will be one of these. All the best, Mark.
  19. EF58 Kato? Tomix? Other?

    I had an Otaki EF58 that I used as kitbashing fodder. I'm reasonably certain that your model is based on that kit. Cheers, Mark.
  20. What did you order or the post deliver?

    I am more a fan of the Tomix model, once you give it a bit of much needed rough love with a paintbrush it actually scrubs up quite well and looks like a typical Japanese loco shed, I will be fitting mine with the Kato inspection tracks, I also have some Tsugawa Yoko lifting jacks and other detail bits that I will use to make the interior look more interesting.
  21. JR-Chiisai: Storage yard modules

    It s still impressive tho martyjn👍👍😀 i thought mine was looking good with 15 lines,ha ha
  22. This past week the first of sixteen cars of the N700S (J0 formation) trainset was delivered to JR Tokai’s Hamamatsu Depot. Testing of the trainset will begin in March, with revenue service beginning in 2020. Scenes at Nippon Sharyo Toyokawa prior to delivery: Fabrication scenes from last year:
  23. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Got the used Kato 23-125 elevated station set I bought on ebay. The missing parts tally really isn't too bad, just the bridge piers, stickers, and an S-joiner. All deck plates are there along with the two shop buildings and station building which support part of the structure. I may have enough stickers left from my first set to complete this one.
  24. Imho resetting the decoders or using the sound programmer on them should be avoided. It's very easy to reset them. Also any corruption in the sound storage flash could also result in a self reset. Practically this means don't change anything on them except the locomotive address. ps: Normal factory installed decoders reset back to the factory installed sound files, but these decoders seems to be custom installed using blank decoders. Also backing up the sound samples for later reinstall/nonlicensed duplication seems to not work and could also cause a decoder reset.
  25. JR-Chiisai: Storage yard modules

    It’s a bit of a dated picture. The yard is mostly finished by now, and the collection has grown a bit again as well :)
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