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  2. What did you do on your layout today?

    With all the new arrivals organised on the layout I had a bit of fun running some trains this afternoon. next step is to sort the station area and platforms.Half the platforms are complete but still in the house at the moment.Need to get a few platform sections to complete then I ll fit them and wire the points etc all at the same time. appologies in advance for poor camera work.
  3. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Depending on how much of each pack of track you need, you might need to go to a different store, since Amazon JP only lets you order a max of 7 of the same thing at one time. Plus they won't let you reorder the item for awhile afterwards if you bought 7 recently on a previous order. I don't know how long it is before they let you order the item again, but it must be a least a month or so, which kind of sucks...
  4. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Oh yes,but at least you re prepared😂😂👍
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  6. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Thanks! About to order the bulk of unitrack for my first major layout-mad chuffed to finally start work on it, even though I'm sure I'll completely redo it once I start assembling it in real life!
  7. What did you order or the post deliver?

    That amazon global priority shipping is what I choose and they in turn use Dhl for us shipping (always been that way for me in dc formthe last 15 years or so). I expect they may use other carriers in some countries. cheers jeff
  8. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Sorry to derail the conversation for a second, but how are you all CHOOSING the shipping method from Amazon Japan to be DHL? The only options I have are "AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping averages 3-6 days" when I grab anything that's sold by Amazon Japan G.K. Thanks!
  9. Yahoo (yafuoku) madness

    Two Tomica (?) red London buses, one fitted with N gauge motor and wheels, 7,000 yen. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/c598497493
  10. Yahoo (yafuoku) madness

    500 grams of Kato/Tomix case inserts (the bits which occupy the space you put the train in): https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/296771957
  11. color of kato plate track

    Hugh, I would guess just a bad batch on one of them. Not noticed much color variation in kato track at all with viaduct, but I have no plate track sets, just individuals so can’t comment on set plate track pieces. All new stuff recently bought? It will change some with time if exposed to a lot of sunlight. can you post a pict showing the difference? Curious to the differences. jeff
  12. Japanese Music

    World Order is deffo top of the charts for me
  13. Test run and details added. Still need to add stickers and dry transfers. These really are great looking models. I especially like the detailing on the Kiha 65 where the hand holds on each seat are molded. I will later pick this detail out with paint to give better definition between the seat frame and fabric. I’m planning to add coach lighting at a later date so the more detail, the better.
  14. The Kato KiHas (58 & 65) arrived yesterday with a few more Taki 1000s. The KiHas are fantastic looking although I think I’d like to add a bit more detail with paint to the seat moldings to show off how great they look. I much prefer the the look of the 65 with the front skirt but the 58 is nice too. Haven’t had a chance to run them yet as the bogies on the power unit have had a bit of a rough trip and have worked their way apart. Didn’t realize they’d be so easy to disassemble.
  15. color of kato plate track

    Probably a different batch. If not made by Kato, perhaps a different contractor. Different lighting, natural sunlight, incandescent lighting and fluorescent lighting will give different images. Comparison of incandescent lighting and fluorescent lighting on the appearance of Kato track and ballast. http://thomas.tuerke.net/on/mrr/?thread=1289869264
  16. I also enjoy fooling with G (including the Regner Feldbahn, with their double-gauge track), On and HOn, but what I love most about japanese N-scale AS A SYSTEM is that I can enjoy the trains’ magic anywhere in my house. Yes I have a train room, but I also feel free to throw down a layout (oft with mini-curves or point to point, just for a little movement) any goldarn where in my house — living room, dining room, bedroom. It’s always exciting to see the trains from a new point of view, with new lighting: “Feels like the first time ...”
  17. Boy, what a great place this is! Ask a question and within a day you have a plethora of well-considered answers! My problem was resolved by kvp. And Jeff came right away to its kernal: in contrast to the whole rest of the system, the power plugs are way sub- optimal, that was my immediate impression. I am not satisfied with “Kato must have their reasons”: it sure wasn’t to enable plugging the power plugs into the sockets deliberately molded in for them. Their reasons for other design choices are usually comprehensible. And they could so easily have molded all three holes per rail into the viaduct; why did they put in just one of the marginal ones which doesn’t match the plug without extra bending? Why am I avoiding straights? I wanted a minimal viaduct loop, but to spice it up I put in reverse curves on both sides, squeezing the sides together into a “waist”, kind of like a Mycenaean body-shield. Watching the trains tip from the end curve into the opposite way for the medial s-curve and then back the other way again for the other end is really exciting (and has led to zero derailments at any apeed, Arnold or Shibata). But having been forced to use 185 straights until I get my feed plugs (by which time this layout will be long gone), I find I like them! Thank you all!
  18. What did you do on your layout today?

    Lovely shot Paul. Judging by the clothes and the chocolate treats, this is taken just after school when they are always ravenous and need further entertainment. I know that situation well!
  19. Funny that the plate track you buy separately is darker than the plate track included with viaducts.
  20. unitrak viaduct power feeders

    "Because reasons" means basically "for reasons unknown to me that may or may not exist"
  21. What did you do on your layout today?

    Very nice, love the long yard, nothing better than seeing those trains lined up
  22. Paul is a good friend to have! And a very nice chap to boot, jeff
  23. Got me another TRA Train - DR3100 Diesel Multiple Unit courtesy of Paul (Railtunes) and his friend who just came from Taiwan. It has a beautiful metallic finish.
  24. For those interested, here is the full-length zenmen tenbou video of the very last train traveling on the JR West Sankō Line from Miyoshi to Gōtsu Stations before it closed, taken by YouTube member AnotherSky787:
  25. What did you order or the post deliver?

    Looks like it would look like a disco or something.
  26. Greenmax Containers

    You need to ask the Chinese worker who assembled them at the factory :)
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