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  2. railsquid

    What model would you most like to see re-released?

    The E353 is a brand-new train and evidently quite popular, whereas the (now extinct) E351 had a "last run" last run and is slipping backwards into the history books. If the Chuo Line 201 series is anything to go by, any new release may take a couple of years. I wish they'd re-release the upgrade pack for the original E351, missed out on that last time. An E257 release would make sense both as a re-release of the Chuo Line version as well as a version in the new E257-2000 livery. But that will all depend on Kato.
  3. railsquid

    What did you order or the post deliver? (N Gauge)

    Still got a pile of auction winnings to work through...
  4. Kamome

    What model would you most like to see re-released?

    The last 2 runs were quite a gap apart but if there are other trains on the line getting runs, this might get scheduled. The 257 may get rerun before the 351 due to when it was last released.
  5. Kamome

    What model would you most like to see re-released?

    I think this would be the case. The Eva500 was a repaint of the standard Nozomi model that Kato produced. In the past there have been some Hobby Center repaint releases but these have never been repeated. I think we can safely assume that the eva500 is categorized as one of these type of releases, be it with a custom box and rerailer.
  6. SuperAzusa

    What model would you most like to see re-released?

    I'm hoping KATO will re-release the updated 2018 version of the E351.  Do you think it might pop up in the schedule in 2020? They released the E353 twice in 2019, so one can hope.
  7. Bill, japanese word for its is Food Sample shokuhin sampuru 食品サンプル https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_model ive not had any laughing by wait staff over using them and ive had them verify at times if they are not sure if my japanese (food is the one thing i can remember some japanese with!) was correct. you can even get them as model trains https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=104&cat=rail&state=&sold=0&sortid=0&searchkey=sushi+tgw which i claim they stole from my sushi train! make your own from school erasers! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Iwako-Sushi-Eraser-6-Piece-Assorted-Styles-Japan-Import-Office-Desk-Art-School/352106628537?hash=item51fb30c5b9:g:GdoAAOSwyRdb~yRZ jeff
  8. There are stores where you can buy these "fake foods" as well. Not cheap but a fun souvenir.
  9. Folks, For the non-Japanese speaker in Japan, this language problem can cause difficulties. But, from the point of view of finding things to eat, there is not so great a problem. Almost all restaurants, cafes, eating houses etc. have on display in showcases or shop windows, very realistic full size models of the food and drink items available therein. These have price tags and descriptive labels, sometimes in English, so the selection of food is usually easily done. Even if the item description is in Japanese, one can beckon one of the waitress to come out so one can point to the item that you want. This is usually accompanied by a fit of giggles on the part of the waitress. All these models must be manufactured by a factory somewhere, and one wonders what the Japanese name for these food models is? Fiddling around with my little Japanese-English dictionary I've come up with Mokei Tabemono (Model food), but no doubt there is a much better name than this. Regards, Bill, Melbourne.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Actually these are not a great idea to use with coils. It’s hard to get the right pulse to pop the coil well and leaning too long can cause too much of a pulse that can cause the coil bounce or worse, burn out. The Kato and Tomix controllers are odd momentary switches. Basically when you throw them it just snaps the switch contact across the contact quickly to give a fairly regular momentary pulse. Problem is it’s mechanical so variable (why points don’t always throw properly) and they wear out. other problem with the momentary switches is it won’t indicate the current point direction in a control panel as they pop back to center after you hire them. The Kato and Tomix controllers are different beasts in how they mechanically switch than these momentary switches. best solution for using regular toggle switches is to use a spdt switch and just use the cap discharge circuit to fire them. It will give you a perfect pulse each time. The bcd circuit is uber simple, just a cap and a cheap toggle switch (not a momentary one). You can just wire them into a euro style terminal strip with no soldering. You can also add a resistor and leds to it to have leds indicating the direction of the point on a control panel or on the layout. discussion here and I can send you some PDFs with more info cheers jeff
  12. Welshbloke

    What did you order or the post deliver? (N Gauge)

    Yep, they should work. Kato turnouts use DC and reverse the polarity to switch the other way, so DPDTs with the usual crossed wiring between the four outer terminals should do the trick.
  13. A bit of a gamble here. I’m hoping to manually wire in a control panel rather than buying a bunch of the Kato EP controllers. These are momentary-on DPDT, which is what’s needed, I think.
  14. gavino200

    What did you order or the post deliver? (N Gauge)

    Got this today. I was very surprised. Hobbysearch only sent it about a week ago. Perhaps SAL shipping wasn't an option. I think this might be the only thing I've ever ordered non-SAL. Anyway it looks nice. Not going to run it until Christmas day. It's a present.
  15. beakaboy

    What did you order or the post deliver? (N Gauge)

    are you feeling alright.haha!
  16. gcmr_new_zealand

    Yamakaigan Railway

    Main construction is now completed - wired up and tested.
  17. chadbag

    Tomix Shinkansen 0 DCC?

    Using a liquid flux called "Superior #30" from H&N electronics has made it much easier to solder to that super slick steel type strip Tomix uses.
  18. Fascinating photo, getting the rail system up and running again as soon as it's safe to do so is a tell tail sign of recovery. What sort of tourist number do they get there on an average day?
  19. Das Steinkopf

    What did you order or the post deliver? (N Gauge)

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, they date from around the same time as the 23-501 20B containers but I can't seem to find a release date but I can take a chance and say it was from at least over the last 10 years as the 20B's have been in service with JRF since 1999.
  20. Martijn Meerts

    Server and forum software update

    Yeah, can't do much about the external images, since there's no way of telling beforehand what the resolution will be, so the forum software can't add any size info on the image tags. However, the on-demand loading of images in the new version should at least partially solve the issue.
  21. railsquid


    rear-central-level-crossing-2019-12-06_01 by Rail Squid, on Flickr Scenery removed for a spot of scenic scenicking: rear-central-level-crossing-2019-12-06_02 by Rail Squid, on Flickr Crossing now three-quarters finished (once the glue dries): rear-central-level-crossing-2019-12-06_03 by Rail Squid, on Flickr
  22. railsquid

    why is it so hard to find in the US ??

    That's what got me into this, for less than the price of a new British loco I got a Kato Kokuden set, controller and track to run it on. For the record, it's pretty hard to find any British N scale in Japan. There's one small shop who specialise mainly in OO gauge and have a small, random selection of N gauge, and Poppondetta in Akihabara have or had a shelf full of dated Farish stock. Second-hand stuff pops up every now and again and I've got some bargains that way (particularly split-gear Farish locos), and pretty much the entire back-catalogue of Lima British N gauge haunts the market for some reason. Fortunately we have the internet and international shipping and a very consumer-friendly customs regime, and since mid-2016 the exchange rate is very favourable (it'll be interesting to see where it ends up next Friday...)
  23. ben_issacs

    why is it so hard to find in the US ??

    Folks, I've dealt with Hobbysearch for many years and have found them most satisfactory. Delivery times to Melbourne, by SAL, ten days to a fortnight. Ordered a while ago a series 0 Shinkansen set, when opening it up I found that one of the rather tiny pantographs was damaged. What I did was put the car with the damaged panto on my scanner and scanned it. Didn't put the scanner lid down of course! Even though it wasn't a flat object, the scan came out with sufficient detail for my purpose. Sent the scan off to HS with an explanatory note, and a small packet with two replacement pantos arrived about ten days later, so the series 10 set was then complete. Good work, HS! Regards, Bill, Melbourne.
  24. When did the Kato Nissan U41A containers get released? I must have missed information about these.
  25. Kamome

    Kato - New Releases

    I hope Kato see fit to lose that conversion track yard mouth if they sell well. Be good to have a turnout section that matches the track spacing perfectly.
  26. chadbag

    Tomytec - New Releases

    That Kobe is actually interesting to me *now*. SIgh. After riding the subway in Kobe a ton this past summer as my SisIL lives quite far out from the Kobe city center. I like having trains from where I've been. I'll have to add this to my list. I assume they take a standard Tomytech power unit and upgrades etc.
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