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A Bunch of Videos From North Korea

Worldwide Rail Yesterday, 09:20 PM
One day somebody posted a video on Facebook of a steam train in North Korea. One thing led to another and I found a bunch of them.  So I made a blog post with the best that I found on YouTube. https://theartsmecha...e-secret-state/ North Korea get more surreal every time I see something from...
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T-Trak RUS - Laser cut modules

T-Trak Yesterday, 07:33 PM
I stumbled across these videos about T-Trak RUS, which are basically laser cut modules that are 310 mm wide with bolts holding the modules together. He's made some interesting modifications including making the modules stackable. The videos are in Russian but have English subtitles. He also has t...
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T-Trak noise?

T-Trak Yesterday, 03:59 PM
Since there is a current topic on reducing track noise, I wondered if this is an issue with T-Trak modules, as it seems possible that the box-style construction causes it to act as a sound amplifier?  Or, does the open bottom prevent this?   If this is the case, how do people reduce the...
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Installing a Kato FL12 in a Kato 500 Type Shinkansen

DCC, Electrical & Automation Yesterday, 03:16 PM
I have two FL12s and I want to put them into the cab units of a Kato 500 Shinkansen.   My plan is to modify the board that comes with the train in order to separate the two LED circuits.   Then I plan to wire each LED circuit to an FL12 placed under the floor according to the circuit di...
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DF200 derailment in Hokkaido

JRail: News, Announcements & General Discussions Yesterday, 03:48 AM
Loose bolt causing a DF200 derailment. Another JR Hokkaido maintenance problem?    
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Pinned  Welcome to JNS Forum!

Dec 17 2016 06:10 PM | Martijn Meerts in Articles

We are a friendly, worldwide community of Japanese train and modeler enthusiasts that like to share news and information on these subjects. The forum is divided into forums and subforums on prototype and modeling, and in addition we have forums on rail...

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