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Just because I can...

Japanese: Other Gauges & Scales Today, 04:43 AM
I saw someone else do something similar, but mine's better....  
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Taiwan suppliers

Hobby Shops - Where are they? Today, 01:49 AM
Anybody bought Tomytec/Tomix?kato etc online from Taiwan?   Safe, authentic?
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My 2016 Trip

Travel: Tips, Planning & Memories Yesterday, 10:09 PM
The JR Passes arrived today so everything is done except actually getting on the plane.   There will be four of us on this trip, all railfans so the only shrines and temples we will have to visit are stations and loco depots and the only shops will be hobby shops.   Day 1. Fly from Bri...
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Thinking of travelling to Japan on a train adventure

Travel: Tips, Planning & Memories Yesterday, 06:25 PM
I started a new job a few months ago, and since money is coming in steadily and now I earn paid time off, I'm thinking of finally living my dream of travelling to Japan.   Since I may not get a second chance to go there (Sounds pessimistic but you never really know) I want to do as much as I...
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The problem of long trains and not enough space

Layout Planning 23 Jul 2016
It's clear that 11-15 car prototyically correct sets need a lot of space even in N scale, but a typical bookcase 6-7 car set is still long and needs at least a whole meter of platform space. Add the turnout areas and some curves on both sides and you end up with a layout that is too long for many...
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Happy New Year!

Dec 30 2014 05:55 PM | Martijn Meerts in Articles

Time for a new year!

But first of all, we'd like to wish you all a happy new year and all the best for 2016!

And we would like to thank you all for visiting and contributing to the forum, it is and has been a pleasure to share this forum with you.

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