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Kato V1 vs V2 passenger car lighting

DCC, Electrical & Automation Today, 09:10 AM
Folks 11110, vs 11112 I just installed my first set of version 2 LEDs in a passenger set. At least, over the first few days it seems the flickering is MUCH better. I contacted KatoUSA and I can't get just the new boards to update all my other installs. 1) is the a source for the better boards 2)...
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Yubari Railway Wafu

JRail: News, Announcements & General Discussions Today, 02:20 AM
I have ordered a World Craft Yubari #14 to go with my Yubari Railway #11 kit. I am interested in building a Yubari Wafu. Can anyone point me to a drawing or provide the dimensions of the Wafu like the one in the picture? http://ttr.b.la9.jp/.../oyubariwf4.htm http://ttr.b.la9.jp/.../yubariwf4r.j...
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For Sale - Kato and Tomix Trains

Classifieds - For Sale or Trade Yesterday, 08:14 PM
All trains are like new and have less than 10 minutes of run time except for the D51 and old motor chassis on the series 2100.   Prices are firm and does not include shipping.  Willing to ship worldwide.  Payment through PayPal.   Kato 10-1179 Series 287 Kuroshio 6 car set $10...
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Looking for replacement chassis tor Old Kato Motor Cars

The Train Doktor Yesterday, 06:29 PM
Folks I have  a few sets 10-195, 10-807, with the Kato 4048, (motor built into the floor) chassis  drives. On the oldest(10-195) , I think either the motor is failing, or i'm having contact issues. Is there a standard chassis I can buy, ala 11-103 - 107, except that it fits these units?...
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Stuttgart Hbf - full size in N scale

Worldwide Models Yesterday, 12:27 PM
I think I had seen some photos of this previously, but just discovered that it will be going on public exhibition for the first time later this year.  It reflects one man's extreme ambition and accomplishment.   I was stationed in Stuttgart in the mid-60's, and still have strong memorie...
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Pinned  Welcome to JNS Forum!

Dec 17 2016 06:10 PM | Martijn Meerts in Articles

We are a friendly, worldwide community of Japanese train and modeler enthusiasts that like to share news and information on these subjects. The forum is divided into forums and subforums on prototype and modeling, and in addition we have forums on rail and rail modeling around the world. You are welcome to read posts without joining the forum, but to participate in the community you will need to join as a member. If you have any questions or concerns about the forum, please contact a moderator (cteno4 or Densha). The forum is all volunteer and has no advertising. We do a small donation drive once in a while to pay for the forum software license and our server costs, but those are all voluntary and infrequent.

Please come on in and participate and enjoy! We are a very friendly group and try to keep the rules to a minimum, but we need to have a few basic, common sense rules that we respectfully request members to hold on to.
  • Be Polite - Please be polite and always be respectful of others on the forum. People will disagree at times but please do the disagreeing in respectful and polite ways.
  • Remember the Forum is International - This is an international forum with members from all over the world, so please remember that language and cultural differences will happen, as well as many members having English as a second language may cause some misunderstandings or misinterpretations.
  • No Politics - Please stay away from political comments and discussions. This is a train forum, not a political forum. Some train topics touch on politics and this is fine to discuss, we just do not want political discussions unrelated to trains.
  • No Adult Content - We want to keep the content here open to all, including minors, so we ask you to keep the content away from adult oriented material. This forum is about trains.
  • Content Copyright
    What to Do - You are welcome to post your own photos and videos in posts and in the photo galleries. You can also embed others' images and videos as long as it is done with a commercial service (like YouTube, Flickr, etc), where the content owner has given blanket permission for the use of the embedding feature of the service. As for other images and videos that are not your own, please just provide links to the original web page the image or video is on in order to give credit to the creator and allow others to look at the whole site it came from. For text it is fine to copy the first paragraph or a short quote into a post, as long as the reference link is given to the complete piece.
    What Not to Do - Please do not post or embed images, videos, sections of web pages and other content that is not your own, as we cannot have others' copyrighted materials on the forum.
    Disclaimer - JNS does not assume any copyright on any content posted on the forum, all copyrights are held by their original owner.

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Forum Validation Troubles

Apr 12 2017 06:20 PM | cteno4 in Articles

We are having issues with our SMTP server to send out the forum validation emails. Please be patient and we hopefully should have the problem resolved in a few days.

If you know anyone on the forum have them PM cteno4 and we can manually validate their new account.

Sorry for the inconvenience.



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